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DiamondGrl Hits the Stage With a Dominant Debut Single, "Sleep on Me"

Eager to see her name in lights, the Columbus-hailing r&B/pop artist, rapper, and singer-songwriter DiamondGrl remind us to keep an eye on her every move with a groovy debut single, "Sleep on Me."

Singing at an early age led DiamondGrl to participate in various vocal choirs, influenced by the smooth sounds of jazz, pop, r&b/soul, and contemporary. Discovering her creative talent in middle school, DiamondGrl began expressing her feelings in lyrics and melodies, leading us to her debut single.

Through the stylings of DiamondGrl on her debut hit, "Sleep on Me," we're introduced to her savory sounds that blur the lines of r&b, pop, and hip-hop. While delivering lyricism that's meant to engage the listener to track her success as she grows to be a force within the industry, DiamondGrl leaves us wanting more of her empowering words and soothing melodies.

"Sleep on Me" opens like a rainy Monday evening in the city with a melancholy saxophone, jazzy piano melodies, and DiamondGrl's whisper that's as lush and serene as the song's ambiance. Dropping into a groovy and nostalgic beat with light-hearted synths and crisp drum breaks, DiamondGrl offers a harmonic performance with her layered vocals that sing a powerful message.

Vocalizing her truths while acknowledging those who pay no mind to her success and continuously tear her down, DiamondGrl reminds us not to sleep on her career as she grooves to the top. After the halfway point, DiamondGrl drops into this heated and rhythmic rap that exudes nothing but roaring confidence and magnetism.

Don't sleep on Ms. DiamondGrl as she busts her way to the top with singles like "Sleep on Me," introducing us to her rising career with dominance, poise, and the finest of grooves.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Sleep on Me." Why did you want to begin your career with a powerfully confident and charismatic piece like this?

Thank you so much! And oftentimes, I feel as if my music is slept on. The reason why is because my music was only on SoundCloud at the time which led me to think that‘s why either people weren’t listening to it and/or weren’t taking me seriously as an artist; which is why I chose to release this specific track on all streaming platforms.

Seeing as you began writing songs in middle school, do you have a particular method and process when songwriting? What did it look like for "Sleep on Me"?

I write songs based on life experiences and how I’m feeling. For “Sleep On Me,” let’s just say in the past, I was always told that I’d never make it, I need a plan B, and that I couldn’t sing and so I thought ok, it’s time I prove to everyone who has ever doubted me wrong.

Why did you want the instrumentals within "Sleep on Me" to deliver this groovy blend of jazz, r&b, pop, and hip-hop? Did you have any help when creating the instrumentals?

Those are genres that I am influenced by and that I grew up listening to. And no, I actually came across this track on YouTube since the channels that I’m subscribed to are mainly producers who make beats, and someone by the name of versus beats produced this beat and I just clicked the link below the video of it and purchased it.

How can your audience get to know you better and more personally through your single "Sleep on Me"? What does your brand stand for and want to make known?

Besides them getting to know me better through my latest single by streaming it on all platforms and spreading the word about it, I feel that them following me on social media will also be a good way for them to get to know me better and more personally, especially on Instagram since that’s where I post the majority of my content! As far as the meaning behind my stage name DiamondGrl, it was originally and still is a brand name/signature that I use on my artwork which then soon became my stage name. Diamond is my real name and I thought removing the “I” from “girl” would make it stand out more; especially considering that the name “Diamond” itself is a very common name for African-American women and that the term/name “Diamond Girl” alone is used and heard often. What it also means to me is someone who continues to shine bright and whose presence lights up the room and brightens everyone’s day; which is why they stand out.

What message do you hope to deliver through your music?

Through my music, the goal is to inspire others in the most positive way by inspiring them to continue chasing after their dreams no matter what! No matter how hard life gets or who doesn’t support them in the long run, inspire them to keep going after what they want in life.



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