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Digest "Toxic Love," With RudyWade

18-year-old RudyWade is a songwriter, producer, and performer. Creating his music from the comfort of his home studio in Boston, RudyWade is an extremely versatile artist who explores Hip-hop, Pop, and R&B. Oftentimes compared to Post Malone, this alludes to the versatility of the genres he explores.

Teaming up with KillBunk on his most recent single “Toxic Love,” we hear the heartfelt brilliance pour through RudyWade as he exercises his melodic essence over buttery stanzas. With the instrumentation thriving in a realm dense with lush guitar riffs, delicate piano keys, and pouncing bass, we get transported to a vibe that is equally soothing as it is vibrant.

RudyWade carries forth sincerity in the way he conveys his lyrically equipped verses. Taking his audience into the heaping offering of witty metaphors that portray his narrative on love so toxic that it keeps you lingering, RudyWade pulls us into his intricately plotted storyline in one fell swoop.

What he does is the definition of riding a beat at its finest. You can’t help but feel the highs and lows that easily lift you up before you plummet back down. The dynamism shared once KillBunk steps up on the track gives this record a unique dimension that has the contrast of each artist’s virtuoso techniques coming into play as they shake your mind up with a brilliant divergence.

“Toxic Love,” holds up to the standard of mainstream Hip-hop in the way it screams certified hit. With RudyWade at the helms of his own ship, there’s nothing to limit this emerging artist.

Hello RudyWade and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the theme that you bring to life in “Toxic Love.” Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

Yes! I was in the studio on a regular day and was getting called by my manager, who told me he had the craziest hook for me. He performed the hook for me over FaceTime, sent over the lyrics, I went into the booth and it came out crazy. We continued writing the rest of the song together and sent out the open second verse to a couple of artists who we thought could do it justice.

What was it like working with KillBunk on this record? Did you find your vision transfer over in a way that he was able to embody?

Working with KillBunk was pretty easy, we sent him the record and he ended up hitting his part exactly like we wanted him to. He carried out the vision of the song to its fullest.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the recording process looked like when structuring this song? As someone to produce their own work, was this a production of your doing?

This actually was not a beat that I or my team produced, it was created by the producer named "Sogimura". The recording process of the song was mainly as I mentioned before, me and my manager writing together over the phone, and laying down some vocals in the studio.

What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve taken with you into your career as an artist?

Don't rush your art. It takes time to improve your skills and it doesn't come overnight, so don't put stress or time limitations on yourself.

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