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Digging Into Charles Mansion’s BuzzMusic Interview on Single Debut, “Tamishi”

If you're in the mood for a multi-genre blending band, then Charles Mansion is the group you must indulge in. Composed of four members, Charles Mansion is what you call a swift, new-age era of rock music. Drawing in flavourful subgenres that one may not initially believe to pair well with rock, Charles Mansion breaks the boundaries of creativity and prove music knows no confounds.

The latest riveting track that the band put out was titled "Tamishi." During their BuzzMusic interview, the band admitted that their creative process is much more natural than one may expect; they play things out, see what sits well, and draw out the rest of their sound from there. As a collaborative band, Charles Mansion truly and seamlessly blends the wits and wisdom of each member. Here's to knowing that "Tamishi," along with the rest of their tracks is a real collective effort between them all.

"Tamishi" was explained to be a song that had a more elaborate underlying meaning: "Beware of sexy witches, their powers are not a trifle. We should all know this. One's own senses can be deceived and should not be trusted."

With powerful imagery and hypnotic metaphors, Charles Mansion proves to be an incredibly intriguing band with much to offer within their music. Next up for them is a series of live shows in Vancouver, BC, where they plan to show the city their original style.

For now, read Charles Mansion's full BuzzMusic article here.


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