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Digital Gringo’s Impactful Record Weaves Between Rock And Rap!

Digital Gringo released his single titled Project Mayhem” and he fused together a unique combination of rock music and rap. He has his own unique style that’s special to him, and distinguishable for his artistry. “Project Mayhem” was an interesting record to me. If you listened closely to the lyrics, past his aggressive flow and bold image, you can see how deep the substance truly is. It takes a certain amount of intelligence in my opinion to be able to decipher the meaning behind this lyrical and poetic word play. His skills as a songwriter really popped because not many rappers can really have the message hidden behind a decodable verse. It seemed as if Digital Gringo incorporated lots of environmental influences and social problems in the world, into his rap, artistically expressing his thoughts with a banging beat and an impeccable flow. Digital Gringo delivered us witty bars and stuck to his specific style without attempting to be like anybody else. “Project Mayhem” authenticity and edgy flavor, makes this record a hit like no other and I believe people will be engrossed by the underlying message in the lyrics and the captivating rap flow, credible to Digital Gringo.

Don't miss out on Digital Gringo's edgy single "Project Mayhem".

Scroll down to get to know Digital Gringo through his personalized interview!

What’s up Digital Gringo! Mind telling us a little bit about your stage name and what inspired you to call yourself that?

Howdy, so my name Digital Gringo was bestowed upon me by my dad Slap Master Phunk. He is also the the tattoo artist in my first music video "Maximum Carnage". The way name came about was I started recording rap songs but didn't have a name to release them under yet, and after some backlash of releasing them under my old punk band Closet Nerd; I knew I had to separate my new music from my old.

How would you personally describe your music style?

My musical style walks the line of goofy and not giving a fuck to sincere opinions. My problem with a lot of musicians is they take themselves to seriously, I like being able to say what I want when I want, I do not filter myself for anybody.

What inspired you to write your record “Project Mayhem”?

What inspired the album is freedom, for the past few years I felt tied down by my punk band and I didn't feel like I could deviate from the formula, and I was never a vocalist so being the voice of my music gave me a lot to say. The album I feel is very bipolar because it has fun songs and dark songs with no in-between.

What’s the meaning behind “Project Mayhem” ?

The meaning behind Project Mayhem is simple. Don't live for materialism. I feel like my generation is driven by materialism, by consumership and by greed. Everybody myself included needs to take a step back and look inward and decide if what drives us is good or bad for the soul. I'm not trying to preach or condemn with the issues I address, I just want everyone to open their eyes and see we are essentially fucking ourselves and the earth.

What specific genre of music you listen to the most?

I listen to hard punk like Leftover Crack, rap like Aesop Rock, classic rock like AC/DC and then a lot of random stuff. My favorite song of all time is Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind.


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