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Dilan Jay’s Glad He Took A Chance In “Glad I Came Out Tonight”

Dilan Jay is among the most exciting new artists today, with vocals that melt listeners' hearts and a groove that makes listeners want to dance. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dilan has been making music since he was just 12 years old. An experienced songwriter is known for injecting an infectiously funky groove into his Pop and R&B musical style; it's fair to say he's begun his ascent to the global stage, amassing millions of streams and views across Spotify and YouTube over the past few months alone.

Dilan Jay's march to prominence has seen him achieve placement on the U.S. Billboard Charts and MTV's HITS Playlist U.K. Although he grew up in the United States, his success isn't limited there either! He's also hit the top of the charts in Sri Lanka, the birthplace of his parents, which would not be possible without his versatility as an artist. A keen songwriter who has penned over 1000 songs and already has six independently released albums under his belt, it's clear that Jay has the talent and the work ethic to succeed in the extremely competitive music scene.

"Glad I Came Out Tonight," from Jay's upcoming album, is one of his latest releases that once again showcases an incredibly talented musician at the top of his game. Combining Jay's signature smooth and positive vocals with pop instrumentals with the perfect touch of bass and bounce, he once again crafts an audial experience that uplifts you and have you dancing before you know it. With a growing following on both sides of the globe, it's clear now more than ever that Dilan Jay is someone you want to watch out for in the future.

Dilan Jay's "Glad I Came Out Tonight" is a groovy, uplifting tune about taking a chance, going out and having it result in "nothing but good vibes." Whenever you need something new and uplifting, check out Dilan Jay's "Glad I Came Out Tonight," available everywhere now.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Dilan Jay! It’s great to see you again, “Glad I Came Out Tonight” was such an easy, groovy listening experience for us! Left us feeling a little bubbly after! We have to ask, where did the inspiration for this song come from? The many, many, many nights I know, I shouldn’t be going out but then end up in that exact situation. It’s weird how it happens. Either I must get food, grab something from the dry cleaner, or run an errand quickly. I end up seeing a friend that’s like. We’re doing XYZ, come you’ll have a lot of fun? Then I end up agreeing and showing up for one drink, which turns into two, and then I’m out partying again! But the point is, I don’t regret it because I have a great time.

So you have an album releasing on the 17th. What was your favourite part of bringing your vision for the album to life, and are there any favourite songs you have listeners should watch out for? Seeing all your hard work come to a final product makes it exciting and worth doing. But my most exciting is seeing all my work and the music I recorded last year. It is A LOT of work! My favourite song on this album is hard to say because I have a few favourites. 24 and Forever are definitely in my favour as they have a lot of personal hearts. Look out for those!

What has been your favourite part about making music thus far? It is a release. I can say how I feel on a record. Leave my emotions and feelings on the record and be done with it. It is quite cathartic.

For any unexplored listeners out there, how would you describe your music? It is funk/soul mixed with Pop hooks and generally feel-good music. It is for those who love to hear a few throwback vibes in their music and also for people who love live instrumentation. What’s next for Dilan Jay? Any big plans for the rest of the year after you release your album? Well, I think the album is a great start, but following in the footsteps of last year, I have a new single released every month, so as we relate this song tomorrow. I am already putting a new one on my label for distribution next month! It is a crazy and busy life, but it is truly one I love!


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