Dip Into a Story of Love at First Sight With "511"

King Ish is an empathetic, gifted dreamer who creates tracks that are more than just music; they are honest pieces of art that come from a very special place. Listening to his songs is like opening a window into his soul; they are raw, authentic, and full of passion. The man's bars hit hard in the smoothest of ways, and this interesting dichotomy of sound evokes emotions you never knew existed.

Born and raised in London, UK, Ish also feels deeply connected to his Guyanese roots. He began his musical journey at the age of 13 but began taking it seriously three years ago when he experienced a real sense of urgency to start creating.

In the heartfelt ambiance that surges through your speakers in the release of his recent single, "511," King Ish recruits the heavenly talents of Malika to put forth the swoon-worthy bop we can hear worldwide. King Ish wrote "511" in September of 2020.

Using his slick cadences that accentuate the raw art of his comprehensive storytelling, "511" outlines an experience that he had on the 511 Bathurst Station streetcar as this profound ballad paints a crystal-clear picture of what love, at first sight, looks like. Executing steamy bars that play upon Hip-hop's organic roots, the forward conveyance that King Ish emanates in his lyrical dexterity is inimitable as he drops prevailing words to feast upon.

Taking us through the verses in an established manner, we admire the dynamism that effortlessly shines between King Ish and Malika. Her cascading vocals crooning the charming words that have us transitioning through feelings float us into the intensity offered up by King Ish when his tenors touch down. "511" has us wanting to know how the story pans out in the long run.

With King Ish flaunting his talents on a large spectrum, his first single has reached a worldwide market venturing to numerous counties trotting the globe; tune into his sweltering sounds today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Ish. The collaboration between yourself and Malika in “511,” is striking! How did this come to be? What was it like working with one another?

Thank you for having me. MALIKA is one of my favorite voices from the UK so as soon as I wrote 511 I knew I wanted her to be on it, and when she said yes I knew the whole vibe of the song would be great. working with Malika is amazing because her vocals are so pure and she's so easy to work with. 511 is based on a true story that took place on the streetcar in February 2020. I wanted to speak to the beautiful girl, but I couldn't find the words so I put them on a card and gave it to her.

We love the story heard in “511.” I’m sure your listeners are curious, can you please tell us how it ends?

As mentioned in the song, I left my number on the card. Although she did text me a few hours later telling me that I had put a smile on her face, she, unfortunately, told me that she was in a committed relationship. It wasn't exactly the perfect ending, but I was happy I got to tell her how amazing she was making my commute to work.

What did the creative process entail when creating “511?" How long did it take you to craft?

My music always comes from an honest place, so it was very easy to just tell the story and make it into a song. My process is very easy. I assess how I feel and simply write my feelings melodically. Writing 511 must have taken me less than 45 minutes.

What do listeners have in store for our future releases? Can we expect some more collaborations on the way?

Moving forward, my listeners can expect more introspective music from me; more vibes that make your heart feel something. In terms of collaborations, I have some new music with a Toronto artist by the name of Mez Mariye that I am very excited about!

What has been the greatest word advice you've gotten about your music?

The greatest advice I've ever gotten about my music was to remain honest. Music touches people's souls when it comes from a true place, and ever since I was told that I've made it my duty to be vulnerable when I write and always try to be honest.