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Dip into Terry L Harris' Latest EP, 'Year of the Pisces'

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, the recording artist, songwriter, and producer Terry L Harris releases a brilliant and dynamic sonic landscape with his latest 5-track EP, 'Year of the Pisces.' and would often play in the dark to develop his muscle memory. Inspired by legends like Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, and many more, Terry L Harris and his wide-ranging influences have allowed him to create a distinct and unique sound that's entirely his own.

Recently releasing his dynamic 5-track EP, 'Year of the Pisces,' the project begins with the introductory track, "Hold Me Down (feat. DC Muziq)." This song opens the album on a fresh and lively note, especially as Terry L Harris' sweet sonics pour through our speakers with a warm r&b undertone. As DC Muziq offers a harmonious and passionate performance, he wears his heart on his sleeve while Terry L Harris amplifies the song's emotion through his drippy and fluid sonic arrangements that pour over us like a warm waterfall.

Upping the "Pressure" with the second track, Terry L Harris teams up with vocalist Kevin Gregory Jr. while offering a sweet and passionate listening experience. As the song opens with a nostalgic r&b beat, Terry L Harris continues to expand the sonic atmosphere through his crisp and well-rounded production that unleashes a sweet groove onto any listener. As Kevin Gregory Jr. continues yearning for the heat and pressure of a hot and heavy relationship, Terry L Harris perfectly backs him up with his upbeat and expansive sonics.

As we delve into the EP's halfway point with "Tunnel Vision," Terry L Harris allows us to sit back and relax as he sonically serenades us with his passionate organic instrumentals merged with the sweet sounds of classic r&b. We can hear Terry L Harris' Prince's influence shine through heavily on this tune, as he drenches us in a scorching hot and fluid electric guitar that wails and yelps with the utmost passion and heart. As Terry L Harris continues his tender and mesmerizing sonic venture, the track comes to a close while allowing the listener to lose themselves in his sonic daydream.

Continuing the same lush and dreamy atmosphere with the next track, "Complicated," the song opens with this immensely soothing and shimmering tone that lifts us out of this atmosphere and into the celestials. While Terry L Harris continues pouring his melodic electric guitar over our speakers, he makes the experience all the more inviting with his tender r&b production that flutters and floats like a butterfly. As the song comes to an end, Terry L Harris leads us towards the final track of this passionate and dynamic EP.

Reaching the outro track, "Eureka (Discoveries)," Terry L Harris begins the venture with a bright sonic string section, a warm acoustic guitar, and a harmonious synth arrangement that closes the EP like a serene dream. While his passionate acoustic guitar sets the song's heartfelt and delicate tone, the rest of his production perfectly amplifies this dream-like state while leaving the listener entranced in Terry L Harris' many creative ways.

Lose yourself in the dreamy and lush stylings of Terry L Harris and his latest EP, 'Year of the Pisces,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Terry L Harris and congratulations on the release of your highly anticipated 5-track EP, 'Year of the Pisces.' Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to create this dynamic project?

First, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me once again, and thank you I am super excited for everyone to hear this project (Labor of Love). All of my projects as well as music in general all come from just being inspired by the world around me. Everything at this moment is or can be an inspiration so I just drew from everyday surroundings, conversations, and happenings for this one.

What drew you to the stylings of DC Muziq and Kevin Gregory Jr. to feature on your EP, 'Year of the Pisces?' Why did you choose these particular artists to collaborate with?

Working with these two was incredible, very dynamic yet very different Artists, producers, and musicians in DC Muziq and Kevin Gregory Jr was a no-brainer! Writing for DC's style was easy cuz of his artist and musician swag, Kevin and I collab together on alot of projects of his, my stuff, and for others. Both are super diverse, super talented and both can sing for real w out auto-tune!

For the last three tracks of your EP 'Year of the Pisces,' what was your creative process like when crafting such dreamy and lush instrumental soundscapes? Did you work entirely solo on this process?

The tracks "Tunnel Vision," "Complicated" and "Eureka," "Tunnel Vision" came from just listening to how people today are so stuck on their belief systems. If you don't think as they do then they have no use for you..strange times we are in! "Complicated," I have a friend who was going thru the stages of loving someone who didn't love him back. I watched him give and not get back, be ignored and feel hopeless he would say. . He'd say it felt like everything he tried, liked, done for, was wrong yet while he loved hard, he would just be told it's complicated. Eventually, he just said he was told he wasn't good enuff, that's the story behind me writing complicated. Lastly with "Eureka" was at a low point and struggling a bit mentally and took a walk at a park one morning. Thru the rain and plenty of self-pity tears, it seemed the view just opened up to me..the flowers, the birds chirping, the stillness of the water, the sun came out and a slight breeze seemed to blow fresh air into my all sounds a bit corny but I think the universe knew at that moment what I needed and I found it, hence it's what "Eureka" means! And yes I did those tracks all myself except on complicated a friend of mine David James Jr did a phenomenal job playing keys!

How did you want the listener to feel after experiencing your EP 'Year of the Pisces?' What impact did you want the project to make?

With this and all of my music, I want the listeners to let the music take you into your own space and serve as a soundtrack of movement for you to use in your own way. Whether it's an instrumental or has words, hopefully, you can relate in some way to the music

Although the majority of the tracks within 'Year of the Pisces' are instrumentals, was there a specific message or concept that you wanted the project to represent?

This time out I really tried to give the listeners a range of my styles from collab work with other artists to sing to showcasing a little guitar prowess and like always an instrumental without a front placed instrument. This kind of song if done right w a strong melody really gives the listener a chance to take the song in any direction they want to take it. They can add them on words to the melody, attach it to what they are going thru at the moment using it as a soundtrack, or just simply listen and enjoy! At least that's my hope anyway!


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