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Dipping His Toes In The Pond Of Talents, Bayymack Presents "Goldfish"

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Bayymack displays his talents as a multifaceted artist, singer, rapper, and songwriter. Using his poised presence to make tsunami-like waves in the scene, he tailors his unparalleled sound and style, through his emotion-filled vocal performances.

Shifting the focus to his latest single release of, “Goldfish,” Bayymack fuses together mesmerizing melodies in a Hip-hop dripped production.

Setting sail on this Alternative Rock fused Hip-hop anthem, the infectious grooves that pulsate through the speaker dazzle a reverberated essence that is powerful enough to illuminate a room. Focusing our attention on the intoxicating instrumentation, electric guitar riffs timbre through the composition as they pull you into each chord presented.

As you bounce along to the vibrant essence of the beat, you get lost in the emotion-filled zest exuded by Bayymack in a larger than life vocal performance. Creating an entirely elevated atmosphere, Bayymack has the ability to shed his lyrical dexterity through meaningful stanzas that have the listeners matching his level in the most relatable manner.

By cementing his place in the modern wave of Hip-hop, Bayymack offers up a nostalgic spirit as he utilizes old school elements to shape his styles as unmatched. With “Goldfish,” clocking in at under two minutes, you can’t help but click repeat as you look to capture something new each time you listen to this piece.

As Bayymack continues to emanate the raw power that his sentimental sound thrusts, we quickly realize how he is earning his spot on the top of the totem pole for years to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bayymack! Congratulations on the latest release of your single, “Goldfish.” With the amount of emotion that you placed into this record, we would love to know; what moment shaped the message behind this particular track?

This song was inspired by my last relationship. You know the trials and tribulations of a toxic ex! Haha.

How did you come to establish such a unique sound of Hip-hop, Pop, Rock, and everything in between?

I was very inspired by a lot of different music growing up. My mom played me everything from Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses, Mary J Blige, Biggie Smalls, Nirvana, and more. I’ve always wanted to combine the styles I enjoyed growing up!

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing, “Goldfish,” to life?

Goldfish was actually my favorite song to make all year. First I wrote the hook in my room as a poem, after a dream I had. That definitely sparked the initial influence. After that I went to a friend's house and started to write the structure to it, recording iPhone videos of us playing guitar. Then I traveled to LA to record with my engineer at Melrose Sound. I ended up recording right next Murda Beatz that night too so it was a very very cool experience to me.

In terms of themes and messages, what would you like your listeners to take away from your music?

I would love listeners to connect with my music on an emotional level. I like to focus on making each song genuine and raw. I hope to grow a following through a pure connection to the song. From lyrics to production, I always want to spark emotion. I want people to remember the first time they hear my songs.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Truthfully I’ve been keeping inspired by not forcing anything. This year has been very hard on all of us. But the biggest thing I’ve learned is patience. Patience in my recording, writing, and the entire process. That’s helped me write better records and not be as stressed about the year. I've learned the importance of trusting your own ideas and sticking to them.



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