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Dirtycakes Delivers Punk-Rock Smash Hit on Latest Release "Photograph"

Being the stalwart advocates of Rock music never sacrificing its vigor and excellence to cookie-cutter shortcuts. Dirtycakes establish the niche for revolutionary seekers alike, venturing into their latest uncoverings dripping with psychedelic guitars, grandiose cadences, and heated toplines through "Photograph."

A fuzzed-out enclave of blazing guitars adorns this single with its punkish character, as the subsequent measures begin opening up like a gas pedal gradually raising up its maximum. With a husky rasp, Charley T explodes like he's channeling into his inner Kurt Cobain, "Take your photograph, I don't, I don't want it anymore."

The chorus wastes no time as it plunges into an ear-opening guitar solo that magnetizes the edges of the mix as the Rock Torres's peddling on the bass and the weight of Becky Wreck drum's act as our anchors for the supercharged sonic storm that Dirtycakes have concocted.

With an aesthetic reminiscent of the better half of '90s music, Dirtycakes have aimed to shine a light on overshadowing negligences that so often encompasses most modern rock music of today with this single. With a classic utilization, they twist the music's narrative by incorporating all the missing ingredients behind the susceptible rock-music-recipe we've might have been neglecting on the heavier hitting halves of our summer playlists.

How did you all form to create Dirtycakes, and what do you think really facilitates excellency in your collection of punk and hard rock infusing catalogs?

Charley and Rick met at the legendary Tuesday night weekly party at Canters Kibitz room with the F.O.C.K.Rs. Rick has been playing there for over a decade now, and it’s truly an epic evening of just the best players in town just getting down. The one rule for the band is to keep girls dancing... that’s the key to a good night. Rick and Becky met, playing a funeral for a really awesome guy, who threw a party with his friends to celebrate life. When it came time to join forces and get the right group together. Rick suggested Becky and we got in a room. 3 days later we're playing a 25-minute set and never looked back. What really defines our ethos is honesty and community... it’s a common theme throughout our live shows, social media & recorded material.

What eras do you pull the most influence from when it comes to the aesthetics in your music, and do you ultimately feel like that aspect is ever-evolving for Dirtycakes? 

It’s funny, when we write songs, we can pull from dozens of places, but it’s never an intentional endeavor. It’s often really interesting to dissect the material as we record or listen back afterward and it’s crazy how we all identify so uniquely to each choice that was made. In that way, the ever-evolving aesthetic is exciting.

What were the main underlining themes and emotions you were trying to convey to your audience amidst the fuzzed-out guitars and the building energy felt throughout "Photograph?"

From angst to fear, hurt, and empowerment. "Photograph" is an autobiographical tale of addiction, love, and taking the power back in a toxic relationship.

Can we expect another upcoming single from Dirtycakes shortly, or is there something more exciting you could leave us to simmer-over coming in the latter half 2020?

YES! We plan to release new material regularly for the rest of the year and ultimately, there’s a full album in the works... which we could not be prouder of.

What advice can you give to fellow artists and musicians that are finding it hard to stay inspired through these tough times? 

Rally behind what inspires you, take the time to show the ones that you love what they mean to you,m, stay loud... and most importantly love yourself, because if you can’t do that, how in the hell can you love anyone else. What the world needs now, in this assault on humanity by the worst of us... is love.


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