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Discover "Lake Of Love", A Musical Journey By Jáson

In 2012 Jáson started taking in the world and turning out music. The singer/songwriter has an intuition for sounds that are airy and organic, and uses them to create music that he calls "experimental alternative pop music". The lyrics he writes often revolve around love, mythology, nature, and his life experiences. They take on the experimental sound and give it even greater meaning. And now, after releasing numerous singles, Jáson's debut EP SIEGFRIED will be dropping on November 1 and he has given BuzzMusic the honor of having an early look at the track "Lake Of Love".

"Lake Of Love" is an ethereal song. Its downtempo style and a mixture of staticky sounds and floaty water vibes create a sense of discovery. It's almost as if we're in the future and we're listening to a relic of the past. Maybe an echo heard deep at the bottom of the ocean. An echo from 2019. Whatever it is, it's proof that people could convey emotions and had a love for music back then. Now back to reality, "Lake Of Love" has a sense of decay about it. The remnants left of this cool romantic pop song have created an eerily beautiful tune. Jáson's vocals hold on to those dreamy notes like a siren calling to us. Calling us to the "Lake Of Love" that he has so beautifully written about. Whether the "Lake Of Love" is actually a place of passion or a place of deception, we're not sure, but it's up to you to find out!


Welcome Jáson! We're so excited about your upcoming EP SIEGFRIED. Your song "Lake of Love" was truly mesmerizing. How will this track fit in with the rest of your EP?

Thank you so much for having me! I am extremely excited about SIEGFRIED myself; it's been a long time coming. When making SIEGFRIED it was so important to me that it felt cohesive and sonically every track felt related and yet somehow very different. “Lake of Love” feels more hopeful and a slightly more positive track than the rest. I consider it the first part of the story that I hope everyone will pick up on when it is released. There is a very clear message being sent throughout the EP and that was intentional.

What do you hope listeners take away from "Lake of Love" and the rest of the EP?

Well, I would hope they see the message. It would also be dope if they were moved in some way. I think one of the reasons I love music so much is that music is power. Music can touch and sway our emotions, it’s a healing and therapeutic thing. I know that if I go too long without listening to music if affects my mood and when listening to it for the first time every day it takes me away and allows me to rest and heal in different ways. I also believe that music can mean different things to other people. So, what I write “Lake of Love” about, may not be what someone else feels it's about. I have always thought that it was so beautiful and magical.

Where did the idea for "Lake of Love" come from?

“Lake of Love” came from the idea that love can be much like a lake in the sense that to really, really feel it and learn from and within it. You must fully submerge yourself and allow yourself to be free while under its waters. Opening your eyes and seeing all of the mysterious things that this completely different world that you may not normally be surrounded by consists of. 

How do you go about writing lyrics for songs that are so experimental and unconventional?

Well, this project is was actually very organic and natural. I wanted SIEGFRIED to be written about things that I have been through but spoken through metaphor and codes. SIEGFRIED is actually a code name for the person these tracks are mainly about. Each song is a sort of emotion I’ve felt, or something I have always wanted to say and couldn’t or hadn’t been given the space to say.

Thank you for giving BuzzMusic this early look at "Lake of Love" Jáson! Do you have any special plans for the release of your EP or during the months following?

Of course! Thank you for allowing me the space to share that early look into my project! I have some very exciting and amazing plans for this release. I am firstly having an EP Release Party/Show on the night it drops! November 1st at Soulful Soups and Spirits in downtown Spokane, WA starting at 7:00 pm! It's a Free event and open to all! And maybe even more exciting I am hoping to release a visual of some sort for the project in December. The idea is a short film, and I am hoping to drop that December 30th! Of course, I have also already started on the next EP as well.



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