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Disembodied Has Our Frequencies Alert With, "ce3llular"

Hailing from the outskirts of Manhattan and currently residing in Philadelphia, 22-year-old designer, photographer, director, and producer, Disembodied has been active within the world of music since 2015.

Using Disembodied as a vessel for all his audio and visual projects, he continuously meshes his diverse set of self-taught skills into art. Translating his life experiences through his art with little to no filter, Disembodied refuses to be put into any box of previous set precedents in any genre.

Sending a surge of creativity through the speakers with his most recent single, “c3llular,” Disembodies present his genre-defying sound through a high octane performance of musical elements. Taking on notes from House and Hip-hop echoes, there’s a unique brilliance that comes from the intricately laced foundation that presents itself to us with uplifting grooves.

Admiring the raw timbres that assert the notion of urgency, they cement themselves in the mix as a standout piece all on their own. There’s a seamless blend of high to low frequencies that fuel the well-rounded mix before us, as Disembodied propels a fusion of therapy and uproar in order to cast out the entrancing essence of “c3llular.” We admit that we’re pulled towards the mind-altering array of textures that come forth through the various coats unveiled.

Peeling back the layers of this multi-dimensional track, we hear the authenticity of Disembodied illuminate in a powerful manner. Making his own statement in the irrefutable lane he calls his own, it’s no wonder how he continues to garner attention from those far and wide. Disembodied truly conquer in his exclusive realm of musical finesse.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “c3llular.” With such an impactful record that defies genres all over, what was the inspiration behind the creation of this song?

Thank you! What inspired the song was really just a point after a breakup where you feel that you don't know the person anymore. Where your friends are taking bets on if they've moved on and eventually reaching a point where you're trying to not care anymore. Hit my cellular is basically saying you can call me but I can't promise that I'll be around if/when you do.

What does “c3llular” say about you as an individual apart from the music? How does it hold up to your music catalog currently available?

I think if anything, "cellular," just shows that I'm human. Everyone goes through things in their own way and music is my form of resolving those inner demons. I think being my second release under that category of experimental hyper-pop, it definitely tracks through having a catchy rhythm but lyrics that are meaningful to me.

We love how you use an array of sounds that complement each other more than the last. What did the creative process look like when fashioning this particular record together?

The original record was pitched up about half an octave so it wasn't until the 4th revision where I brought it back! Aside from that, I knew I wanted the track to have a kick that emulated clipping distortion, as well as some fun, high-pitched bell/, plucks that remind me of being a kid in the early 2000s. When I heard the instrumental in its completion, it reminded me of a theme song to some kind of cartoon I would watch as a kid and I loved that about it.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into the music you create?

So far, a lot of the music I've released, and been making, revolves around being heartbroken. Two of my main influences recently have been Contradash and oaf1, creating a super anthemic sound while maintaining rather emotional and true lyrics. That's something I work towards perfecting every day.

What's a piece of advice you would give an independent artist, who's just starting out?

If I were to give them any advice it'd have to be to just release your music. Don't get it mixed 20 times, don't shelve it for "the right time", don't worry so much about "that one snare that seems to top-heavy." There are billions of people in this world and if you like your music, chances are other people will, too!


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