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Dive Into an Emotional Whirlwind With Ruben Gerritz

South African Singer/Songwriter Ruben Gerritz is here to share his blues-inspired wisdom with any listening ear. He's the kind of artist that enjoys adding textured elements to his music in order to amplify the emulated affection. And does Ruben Gerritz ever emulate the purest affection throughout his music, especially so in the latest track BuzzMusic covered, titled "Don't Leave Me Alone."

"Don't Leave Me Alone" was a heart-stirring single that came from a place of many mixed feelings. Once we got to chatting with Ruben Gerritz, he shared that "Don't Leave Me Alone" was written from a place of fear, specifically when it comes to relationships ending. Being the first song Ruben Gerritz wrote, "Don't Leave Me Alone" was really his original, starting sound.

With that, the song also encapsulated his foundational message to listeners, which is that it's okay to be human. Ruben Gerritz, we thank you for the strong lesson and we can't wait to hear what music will be offered by you next.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Ruben Gerritz and his song "Don't Leave Me Alone," here.

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