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Dive into Christopher Ambrose's latest New-age Pop single, "No Way"

Christopher Ambrose knows talent when he sees it. Standing as notoriety in the Independent recording scene since his creative inception in 2005, the New York-bred producer has a Musical dossier that's festooned with notoriety Pop and Electro Artists like Honey Davenport, Jayse Vegas, and even Robert Garcia. His newest original, "No Way," arrives hot off the heels of his 2020's Debut Record's success. This time, with the enchanting Brooklyn-based songstress R0ZEGLD as his latest empyreal harper and collaborator.

R0ZEGLD stands front and center on "No Way," with an unmistakable bubbly vocalized presence. With a pearlescent echo and the shimmery reflections of reverbs cascading down, right and left throughout the mix, it's easy to imagine being transported into the same Lambent room that Christopher and R0ZEGLD operate over this track with. The musical atmosphere is uncluttered and smoothly glides over a resting heartbeat's tempo, garnished with prismatic synth melodies, unwilted, crispy percussive elements, and the wholesome low-end we could expect from any masterfully produced Pop track.

As we traverse the supple panoramas of shimmering decays, we're enamored by pearlescent synths and saturated pads. R0ZEGLDs carbonated Top-lines; it's easy to get lost in the cherubic world they've created to combine their creative capacities unitedly over this well-rounded mix.

"No way," plays like the New-age Pop jam of the year, urging us to snap out of any lethargic mind-frame we're stuck in, and lifts us into a buoyant gravity-less joyride through a scintillating anecdote about love.

How did you go about making the atmospheres of this mix so buoyant and spacey? 

CHRISTOPHER: Honestly, the way this record came about was way different from when it started. But my goal was always to make it an anthem-like song. I wanted you to feel like you were in the room with us singing when you were listening to it. So playing with the reverb on the vocals and some of the instruments kind of helped make that happen. So, yes, it definitely feels like a ‘feel good’ record and that was also the goal.

R0ZEGLD: That was all Christopher!

Did that creative decision help your conceptualization of the sentiments you wanted to evoke in your audience when they listened to "No Way"? 

CHRISTOPHER: Absolutely. I feel like this record now feels like what my original goal was set out for, being that it sounded so different from when I started it to what it is now. It also has a great message, which was that I wanted people to kind of take themselves outside of themselves and look at the people around them and help them realize that everybody in your life is there for a reason. Whether that’s good or bad, it is that way because it was your choice. That through whatever decisions you make going forward, you know that you will always be there for the ones that have been there for you as well. 

R0ZEGLD: That track in the sound definitely influenced the delivery of the vocals and the lyrics I added to the track.  It just hits in all the right places emotionally.

What was your favorite part about working with each other on “No Way,” and why did do you think this track was the perfect fit for you guys to perform over? 

CHRISTOPHER: Honestly, I’ve never collaborated with a female on a record. I really was waiting for it to happen but it never happened. I’ve also been waiting for the right artist. I wanted someone I felt was as powerful as an artist and someone who knew who they were. And that I believe fits the definition of R0zeGld. And it just so happens that she and I have worked together before on her own projects and that was a really good bonding element for us. So when this record was being developed, I really wanted that message to hit harder. And then it all came together so effortlessly.

R0ZEGLD: I always love working with Christopher. He is definitely on the rise and so talented! He is also humble and focused and just so much fun! He told me he heard my voice on the track when he first sent me the demo, and so did I. Right away I wanted to sing it! I also think we both have a sincerity about our music that fits well together. We really want to communicate emotionally to the audience.

When you think about your creative influences and the places that helped develop your sound as an Artist and Producer, does New York stand as vital in that artistic growth? 

CHRISTOPHER: I love my hometown of New York but I feel like I’ve grown as an artist because of who I’ve met in my life, whether they were out of state or from here, and also the artists/songwriters/producers that I’ve looked up to when I was developing my sound. Songwriters like Max Martin and Pharrell, the ones who’ve created such amazing pop records and producers behind massive hits, like BloodPop and Rock Mafia, they really influenced my sound as well. I like to look beyond the artist most of the time, but there are artists like Selena Gomez and Billie Eilish I appreciate it because of their vocal representation. Their ease on a record is like eating chocolate, it’s effortlessly beautiful.

R0ZEGLD: Definitely! How could it not? The energy here is so intense. I will always be a Cali girl, but NYC pushes me to grow in ways I don’t think anywhere else would.

What would you say to your audience as the Prologue before diving into the Musical experience behind “No Way”? 

CHRISTOPHER: This is a record for you and for him and for her and for them and for us. 

R0ZEGLD: Get ready to call your best friend from high school you haven’t talked to in way too long!



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