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Dive Into Cory Singer’s “Chance Of A Lifetime (The Truth)”

The emotional intensity of this slow ballad will have listeners fighting back tears. Cory Singer has an astonishing vocal capacity, ‘’Chance Of A Lifetime (The Truth)’’ is but an example of his prowess.

The song "Chance Of A Lifetime (The Truth)" depicts a painful conclusion and a lost chance at real love in its lyrics. Along with the instrumental piece that Singer himself created, it makes use of strong analogies to convey the suffering Singer is experiencing.

For the well-known singer-songwriter, TikTok star, and supporter of autism acceptance, what was once a passionate confession of love has evolved into one of strength. Cory Singer, born in New Jersey, is a natural and developing talent who has performed in theater and has been dedicated to music and spreading awareness for some time.

The Truth and The Proposal, written by Cory Singer for "Chance of a Lifetime," present a wonderfully lovely tale of love gone right. Both songs share the same instrumentation, yet the lyrics drastically alter how you feel when you listen.

In addition to being a song about lost love, "Chance of a Lifetime (The Truth)" offers fans a chance to connect with Singer at his most sensitive and introspective point. The gentle, lyrical piano is a beautiful accompaniment to Singer's powerful voice.

The quiet piano and delicate string section create a meditative, cinematic atmosphere that allows for a unique listening experience. With "Chance Of A Lifetime," embark on an emotional journey.

What were your main motives for writing “Chance Of A Lifetime (The Truth)?”

I wrote this song from a very personal place, relationships I've been in, as well as relationships I've seen. I wanted to describe misguided love and the love that one could have had but missed out on.

Who did you write “Chance Of A Lifetime (The Truth)” for?

I based it on a couple that I knew. The woman was way too good for the man in the relationship. I thought that I would have been so much better for her and so I wrote a song about it. It took less than a half hour from start to finish, so it was a very organic process.

What's the message you'd like people to take away from this song?

Be careful not to settle for second best when the best is out there. The best, however, will only be there for so long. Taking chances and knowing the value of a relationship is key to not missing out on something incredible.

What do you think is your “Chance Of A Lifetime”?

I don’t know. I would hope it’s my career, and sometimes I have "pinch me" moments where it feels like I've reached the summit. There have been so many amazing moments by now that they just continue to raise the bar, so I can't predict what that official moment will be.

What's next for you?

More music for the world to enjoy! We also have some music videos we're working on that really introduce a new era for me.


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