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Dive Into Something Sweet With Remington Rosado's, "Apple Pie"

Growing up between Montana and Colorado, Remington Rosado is a creative director, singer-songwriter, producer, and multimedia artist. Their mother, as a descendant from the Sioux nation, took them to First Nation gatherings to expose Remington and his siblings to the music and spiritual teachings from their culture.

At 13, Remington Rosado began writing music and learned how to create beats through his older brother’s keyboards, FL Studio, and turntables, with a mass inspiration from The Neptunes, Missy Elliott, and Bjork. Releasing singles with influences from R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, and Electronic music, there’s a playful yet introspective sound in the realm of Pop music, from a two-spirit perspective.

Taking our attention to the atmospheric elusiveness that comes from dark yet delicate instrumentation, the latest single “Apple Pie,” hails from Remington Rosado at the perfect time.

Encompassing all traits of a late-night summertime anthem, the infectious grooves that propel through the soundscape brought forth have us transporting ourselves to a destination that is interpreted from the abstract lens extended out to us. You hear the respective components of Contemporary R&B and Hip-hop dwindle amongst the bolstered spirit present in the melodically fueled sounds at hand.

Through various reverb chambers that allow the expressions to blossom in an ever-changing way, the notions that are offered up have us attaching ourselves to “Apple Pie” in a way that needles themes of intimacy and vulnerability in the foreground of our minds. Remington Rosado has a knack for bringing an almost ethereal ambiance to the table as he lusciously presents his lyrical motifs in an effortless manner.

Basking in the prevailing sway that sends us spiraling through various elements of therapeutic musicality, the structure of “Apple Pie,” exposes us to a world custom to Remington Rosado and his passion for connecting with his audience in ways that bring them closer to him as an artist and individual.

A warm "Apple Pie" welcome to BuzzMusic Remington. We love the sounds that are brought forth in “Apple Pie.” With such a smooth track that instills a sense of comfort within us, what have been your goals with the release of this song?

My goal in releasing Apple Pie was to give my listeners something fun and light-hearted. I feel like, after this past year where everything was so unpredictable with covid, we all learned a lot about ourselves, so this song was meant to celebrate that introversion and look at ourselves with appreciation and admiration.

How did the inspiration for “Apple Pie” come to your mind? Did you find the creation process fairly natural to navigate around?

I was inspired by this line in a Tweet song called, Oops oh My, where she says, “I looked over to my left, a reflection of myself, that’s why I couldn’t catch my breath”, I adore that line because it was like she saw herself for the first time in a sexual way and was in awe. I wanted to do the same for Apple Pie but in a bit more literal sense. That Iconic scene from the first American Pie movie also gave me inspiration, so bringing in these ideas from both made me think about being with ourselves intimately and how we don’t need sexual validation from others when we could validate ourselves that way. This idea didn’t come so naturally, as I can be pretty critical of my body, however, it’s the only one I got and I decided to look at my flaws as something hot and unique, the writing just flowed out after that realization.

With each artist in the industry having their own creative process and method to their releases, how did you know when “Apple Pie” was ready to be put out into the world?

I decided to release this song because I felt this summer was the first time we were all able to get back out there from being inside for so long; so I wanted my song to have everyone feel this self-love vibe that is also humorous at times as they got back to some normalcy. I want to remind my listeners that they are beautiful and they should love everything about themselves. Own your flaws, own your body, and tell yourself that you’re a bad b*tch, cuz you gotta love yourself before giving love.

Through the time that you have been creating, how have you noticed the growth within yourself as an artist? Do you find that your audience can hear it in each creation you release?

I feel my growth as an artist has just begun, and exploring myself as that is definitely something I want my audience to come along for. I realized in the past crazy year that time is short and you have to do as many things you want to possibly do, my listeners get that with each work I put out into the world. Whether my music, my videos, or my art, it’s teaching me something new about my craft, and developing new perspectives. I’d like to think that this journey can inspire my listeners too.

What's next for you?

My next goal is to get my album released. I’m really proud of the hard work I’ve put into it and am honored I got to work with two amazing artists I’m featuring on it. The process has inspired me to collaborate with more artists, whether that’s producing for them or working on more songs together. I directed my first music video this past May where I built sets and made costumes, and I’ve become pretty passionate about that process as well. So the next chapter is seeing how I progress with my art and music as an artist; to utilize the things I’ve learned this past year and see how I grow.


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