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Dive Into STEEN'S Single And Video, "Fun To Mental"

Our favorite new siblings' duo STEEN uses a combination of eclectic sonics of socially mixed with their deep cultural palette. They created a sound and style that is truly unique to them. STEEN carries each other with radiant intensity and charisma, emulating music icons such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

STEEN maintains a local grit that one finds in social legends such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime, and also today's contemporary LA artists such as Odd Future and Brockhampton, which are all huge inspirations for STEEN. As we dive into their new single, "Fun To Mental," we are excited to see what they have brought to the table this time.

As we enter the world through their eyes, the video starts off with someone who comes to work their regular job and decides to have fun regardless of how tiresome it can be. With their electric guitars, they make a start with lyrics like " I was never the same, but I went for the rest" and "If I keep saying all the things that I want" they show us that their lyrics are more than just that, it allows the listener to think a bit further and actually listen to what they are portraying. The video is really a fantastic piece of art through and through.

STEEN is as unique as it comes. They show us that the most straightforward idea turns into the artsiest formed video. They continue to talk about how things turned from fun to mental in such a short space in time. STEEN and their distinctive sound, eccentric cadences, and artist view on the song present us with artistry we don't see often.

Welcome to BuzzMusic STEEN. We are so excited to have you join us today! What was the inspiration behind the music video for "Fun To Mental," and how did you choose the title?

Inspiration is in the title.. we wanted something cuckoo and wild. What better way than bad ghosts beating the sh** out of Mr. janitor who wishes he was a music star? The title is a kick at real life, the industry. It all seems like fun and games until you get kicked in the face.

How was the process of creating the scenes for the music video, and what was it like shooting and getting everyone together?

The process was really a big "ha-ha" moment for Zay & Mikey, my brothers who got to see "Ghosts" go to work. We wanted one taker, so we did that do all of our own visuals in-house, just our close tribe three dudes. Setup the cam and do a few long 1 takes… that's the video. We're getting better and better.

Do you have a specific process when creating music? If yes, what is that process, and how long does it usually take to perfect what you create?

Ya, for sure. We do a couple of rounds of shadow boxing… may be put on the UFC fights at the tree (studio we work out of), then Justin Raisen dances around. Pluck a couple of bass notes some days. It's a quick process, seriously.

As a duo, what are the challenges you sometimes face, and what is one of the best moments you've had?

The biggest challenge is getting zaystrange to like me most days. He's tough. More brothers should start a band —- The best moment is performing at Hewes & orchard hills middle school in front of 1000 students in Orange County. We love the kids.. especially back home. They're our inspo.

What's next for you?

More and more fun, chaotic, rule-breaking music and visuals. 2022 is going to be a treat.


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