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Dive Into the Amplified Vibes of Duderella's, "Digital Pitchforks"

Alt-punk band Duderella hails from sunny Los Angeles, California. With Daniel Reyes handling vocals and bass, while Chris Magallon takes care of the drums and synths, this two-piece brings forth a thunderous sound with a unique blend of punky metal stoner pop.

Vibing to the eclectic medley of resonance that Duderella is known for, we’re captivated by the presence they portray in “Digital Pitchforks.” Falling in the middle of their three-track EP ‘Perspective,’ we find that this song's placement just bursts from the seams as it cements the roots of everything Duderella stands for.

Immersing us in an amplified soundscape that sends jolts of organized chaos to our headspace, Duderella sweeps us into their musical abyss the moment this record touches down. The post-grunge appeal that is laced into the instrumentation has us mentally attached to the eccentric 80’s electronic dimensions that are propelled through the arrangements heard.

“Digital Pitchforks,” blends a unified concoction of dynamism with their charming and ominous approach to their artistic virtuoso. Leading us to a world that is so carefully weaved together with intricate details, what makes this song what it has to be the dark and moody atmosphere in which the vocals project from.

Known to discuss topics of boys, mental health, and political/social issues, you know that the themes dispersed through each song are some that are near and dear to Duderella themselves. Kicking it up a notch, the intensified essence of “Digital Pitchforks” has us thriving in a realm custom to them.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Duderella. We love the electric feel that you place into “Digital Pitchforks.” Could you please shine a light on the song's meaning and what the significance means to you as a duo?

The song is about canceling culture and how society seeks perfection.

How does this record fit into the overall scheme of ‘Perspective?' Could you please share a glimpse into the creation of this collection?

The perspective ep is about perspective. How we view the world how we think we should view the world how we’ve been trained to see the world.

We recorded and mixed these songs during the pandemic. Trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone.

What are some thoughts and feelings that you’d like your listeners to experience when taking “Digital Pitchforks” in?

I would just like the listener to question what’s going on around them.

Do you find that the Los Angeles music scene plays a role in the unique sound that you’ve adapted? What musical and non-musical influences do you take into the music you craft?

If LA played any role in our sound it’s that Los Angeles is in our blood. The queer community has also been a major role in getting our art out there. For these songs in particular the way people have become self-righteous, the way people have become more divided by media entities is what influenced these songs including “digital pitchforks."

What's next for you?

That’s a mystery but I’m sure it’s gonna be a hell of a good time.

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