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Dive into the Anthemic Pop and Rock Amalgamating Sonics Behind Brookelyn Rose's "Take Me Back"

Brookelyn Rose is the swooning muse that has been infatuating hearts throughout the South-eastern coast ever since arriving in LA five years ago. Interweaving between venues that decorate the coastlines of California, this Pop-rock Intoner has gained notoriety for incorporating upbeat and free-spirited vibes on any dancefloor she festoons with her soul-inspired vocal performances. It's no surprise this Philadelphia-bred chanteuse utilizes that same stratagem to embellish her captivating top-lines featured in her latest single, "Take Me Back."

Here, within the thick of a cascading key-scapes, the punching thud of earth-binding drums, and a synthetic bass-line that boils-over with nostalgia, Brookelyn sings about better days from the past with uplifting empowerment behind each and every roar.

It's a heavy dance that sweeps between a mid-tempo gait in the verses—with a cadence that sounds like it would be booming from Ryan Gosling's 73 Chevy Malibu in the movie "Drive,"—and choruses that erupt into anthemic orchestrated upswells festooned with riffing electric guitars, and a colorful saturation that super-charges the air around you.

It's an experience that oozes infectious vibe, especially when accompanied by a video-feature highlighting our cherubic songstress dancing and singing amongst the most enamoring grass-land backdrops; twirling and diffusing happiness with each close-up shot. By digging deep into her own life experiences, Brookelyn obtains the type of finesse it takes to endow a song with the powerful and honest nostalgic upliftments that ooze from every corner of this Pop-rock anthem's video and arrangement.

When looking back at "Take Me Back," and the adjoined Video, it's not hard to assume that there's a reason why dance floors across the Cali-coast have been musing over Brookelyn Rose's music for the past few years.

Can you run us through the filming that went down for this Music Video, and how the idea came about in the first place? Yeah, so, this music video was actually recorded on an iPhone! Because of COVID, I was quarantined with my partner who lived up in Antelope Valley, CA, near the poppy reserves. We went there one afternoon when the poppies were in full bloom and I immediately felt inspired to shoot the music video there. I had originally wanted to shoot this video in my hometown of Philadelphia and capture visual elements of my childhood, but because of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to travel there. I wanted the video for “Take Me Back” to feel free-spirited and natural and I think we were able to capture that. This is the first music video that I directed and edited and I’m really happy with how it turned out! What type of emotions did you channel into for the performances you've captured both sonically and visually on "Take Me Back"? I really tapped into my own sense of nostalgia and longing for simpler times as an adolescent. I thought about my friends and how easy things were when we all lived in the same zip code and didn’t have the responsibilities of adulthood on our shoulders. Were there any highlighting messages behind this single that you'd like to clarify for your listeners? What were you trying to translate to them through your visuals and lyrics? I hope people listen to this song and take time to appreciate the people around them and where they are in their lives. Life passes us by so quickly and I think it’s important to stay young at heart and create genuine and authentic bonds with people. Are there any milestones you've set out for yourself in 2020? What kinds of steps have you taken thus far in trying to obtain those goals? I set out to record a music video for “Take Me Back” and release it out into the world and I’m happy that I was able to do that! I’ve also been in the process of learning how to produce music; I put together a home studio and I’ve been working hard to learn the software and equipment. What has been keeping you inspired this year? Honestly, it’s been really challenging to find inspiration and feel motivated to create this year. It’s been a real rollercoaster of emotions. Some days, I feel full of ideas and eager to make art, and then there are other days where I feel completely unmotivated. I try not to be too hard on myself anymore though because these are extremely unique times and I have to remind myself that I’m doing the best I can. Usually, I am able to find inspiration in my relationships with people, nature, and the concept of time. 



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