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Dive Into The Diverse With Sidney B’s Newest Track “My Time”

Born in Nice, France, lyrical artist and talented singer/songwriter Sidney B has explored and immersed himself into almost every type of genre there is. With a slew of diverse influences under his belt, Sidney is cranking out groovy music for all his fans to dance to and enjoy. From the house beats of Europe through the funk of Latin America to the lyrical rap of the US, each area has imparted its unique music influence on Sidney, who now brings these styles together into an irresistible pop package.

Sidney B’s latest release “My Time” is an uplifting and powerful track that features an upbeat blend of funk pop and contemporary dance music. The motivational pop hit “My Time” takes the listener on a journey of storytelling elements and confidence boosting sound arrangements. Sidney B speaks his truth on his life experiences and his fast paced come up. I love the addition of horns throughout the track to really give it that motivating anthem feel. Sidney B has the confidence and overall personality to handle a powerhouse backbeat like “My Time”. His vocals move through the speakers with ease and precision and we can’t get enough! Get ready for your summer 2019 anthem and stay on the lookout for Sidney B and his future releases.

Check out “My Time” here and read more below in our exclusive interview below!

Hey Sidney! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

I always loved music. I remember when I was a kid, impersonating Michael Jackson in front my TV. I started writing lyrics, making beats and founded a rap band when I was a teen. I’ve been producing music ever since. My style evolved a lot throughout the years, naturally blending different influences like Funk, Pop and R'n'b into my music.

What emotions did you channel when writing “My Time”?

"My Time" feels like a stadium anthem. I wrote this song to inspire and empower people, in a period of my life when I needed to fulfill these feelings. 

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics “My Time”?

It’s a statement about taking a stand and stepping in your power. When you overcome obstacles and thrive to become the best version of yourself, you know what time it is: "Your time to shine".

What’s your writing process generally look like?

As I produce most of my music I often start with laying down some chords on the keyboard and from there I come with a singing melody. With the feeling of the chords, words and ideas start to appear, then I usually work on shaping sentences using subtleties and double meanings.

Can you describe your stage presence for someone who has never seen you perform? What sets you apart? 

Definitely the words that  the people use the most are: High Energy! It’s a big party, we are sometimes 9 on stage with the full band and brass section. I sing , I rap, I dance and I love to move the crowd. It's a communion , people sing along and jump around, its fantastic!


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