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Dive Into The Sonic Abyss Of Corey Hunter’s New Single, “Let Go Control”

Hailing from an island off the coast of Alaska, singer-songwriter and alternative r&b recording artist Corey Hunter floats into the celestial abyss with his newest single, "Let Go Control."

From growing up in church choir to releasing his own music, Corey Hunter prides himself on creating ethereal meditations about life and love. His intimate, emotional, honest songwriting celebrates tears and joy as equally beautiful and inseparable parts of the human experience that we all share.

With inspiration from acts like SOHN, Emmit Fenn, and Ry X--, Corey Hunter creates sounds that range from indie folk and electro-pop to vapor soul and alternative r&b. Listeners can experience this ethereal and lush sound through Corey Hunter's newest single, "Let Go Control." It's a dreamy and haunting sonic creation reminding us that at our core, all we are is love.

Diving deeper into '"Let Go Control," the song opens with tender vocal chops and vast synths and pads that set the moody and introspective tone. Corey Hunter enters the song with the utmost emotion and vulnerability while his crooning vocals solemnly bask in the emptiness of loneliness with nothing but his heartbeat.

It's a profoundly reflective song accompanied by chilling electronic/r&b production to ramp up the cinematic feel. Corey Hunter's production and performance in this song are mesmerizing, and his lyrics remind us that it's okay to let go of those who don't serve us. We love how easy this song is to listen to; Corey Hunter makes it effortless to lend your undivided attention and lose yourself in this mystical experience.

Do yourself a favor and float amongst the stars without a care in the world with help from Corey Hunter's new single, "Let Go Control," found on his breakthrough EP, 'Metamorphosis of Love."


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