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Dive Into the Thoughts Building Up Inside Kidgoten with "Corrupt, Pt. 2"

Kidgoten takes the youngest rapper's title to be nominated for Rap Artist of the Year in his city. With his previous release being his debut album, 'Kidgoten New Era,' he has garnered significant attention worldwide as the project currently boasts over 200,000 streams on all streaming platforms.

Following up the successful release, with a collaborative performance between himself, AMI$$A and Chefuno, Kidgoten releases a vibrant single titled, "Corrupt, Pt. 2." Interlacing cognitive instrumentation with a series of mindful bars that simmer in the blistering stew of musical hypnotism, the clear and present delivery that Kidgoten effortlessly conveys in his tonal distinction presents a lyrical dexterity that mimics old school Hip-hop nostalgia as the emotion discharges into this alluring masterpiece.

The featured artist's dynamism has an innovative flavor seeping into the radiating energy that overflows through the verses and hooks performed. We're overcome with numerous talents that speak for themselves in punchy cadences and witty quips. The various elements that make up the entire single of "Corrupt, Pt. 2" create a dynamic universe for us to gravitate towards.

There is no denying the irrefutable aptitudes that each artist carries in their versatility as individuals, as well as in a collaborative swarm of tuneful elements. "Corrupt, Pt. 2" is an impeccable offering that serves as a follow up to the previously released, 'Corrupt.' Catch Kidgoten running down the unstoppable paths that he continues to utilize as illumination for those to come after him.

Congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Corrupt, Pt. 2.” We admire the dynamism that floats in this composition as you collaborate with AMI$$A and Chefuno. How did this collaboration come to be? What was it like working with these artists?

Thank you! So at first back in 2019 I and AMI$$A were the only ones on the song and I thought to myself I need a little kick to this and the other person I could hear on this was chefuno so I sent it over to her and she gave it back to me within 24 hours and I instantly fell in love with it because the song was all personal to us.

Could you please take us into the inspiration behind the meaning of, “Corrupt, Pt.2?"

The meaning behind it was a follow-up to the 1st part of corrupt. But this one switches in a different POV for all 3 of us instead of us feeling bad or feeling like we were the one to blame it’s now flipped. From my point personal point of view, I’m officially cutting off all ties with my Bestfriend and calling them out on their mess instead of feeling like the bad guy.

What did the creative and recording process look like when bringing this record to life?

Since the first part did so well & since the record meant so much to all 3 of us and it did so well...and had so much more to get off our chest why not? But basically, chefuno produced this track herself shouts out to her! And she sent me the beat over I recorded my Chorus and did my 2 verses sent it over to AMI$$A she did her verse/hook and had it back to me within 2 weeks and chefuno did her verse within 3 days. The whole process took about 6 months, however.

How do you find that “Corrupt, Pt. 2,” compares to previous bodies of work that you have released?

I feel like the rollout for it is just more professional and it shows an authentic personal side of me that’s not usually shown within my music.

What's next for you?

Well, I’ve officially started my label and the first artist on the roster is chefuno. so just gearing her up for the debut album! I’m personally going to take a break from releasing music this whole year but I will be working on new music as a rebrand this coming summer and hopefully have new music ready by early 2022! I’m also working on movies/shows that I can’t go into detail about be on the lookout for that later this year.



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