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Diverse Sibling Pop Duo MiruDaru Releases Their Exhilarating Track “Watch Out”

From Venezuela to Los Angeles, brother and sister pop duo MiruDaru return to the music scene with their energetic and lively track “Watch Out!”. Having a diverse background in the music industry through Japanese singing contest TV shows, to sharing the stage with none other than Journey, MiruDaru is always finding new ways to bridge the cultural gaps in the music. While aiming to create authentic and relatable music that sheds light on its listeners, their recent song “Watch Out!” does that and much more. Not to mention the tracks music video giving us a glimpse into the future and being controlled by technology. MiruDaru fuse’s together with a fresh pop feel while also providing delivery similar to Japanese pop with incredible energy. Kicking off with up-beat and growling synths, the layered beat flows into a heavy electro-pop sound, giving “Watch Out!” a feel-good and confident atmosphere from the very beginning through its invigorating production. As Daniela begins singing hauntingly, her brother Miguel follows right up with his textured approach as “Watch Out!” moves towards the exhilarating chorus. MiruDaru captures themes of expressing your inner superstar and embracing fame with beaming confidence. The production maintains it’s groovy and up-beat electronic ambiance through a variety of rhythmic and heavy synths. They’ve crafted precisely their goal by providing listeners with bright and encouraging music through their track “Watch Out!” and we’re only anticipating greatness for MiruDaru and their upcoming releases.

You can listen to "Watch Out!" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the energy and confidence on your recent track “Watch Out”. What made you two want to write a song that highlights your inner superstar, and embracing what fame provides?

We grew up in the always very conservative south American culture; however, we have always believed that you should stay true to yourself. "Watch Out!" is about opening yourself to new horizons by showing your true essence. Until not long ago, we lived in a world where we were told how to dress, how to think, how to act, how to live, and this song is a way to encourage everyone to follow their inner voice and show the world that we are all valuable and we can succeed no matter how different you are. The hardest thing throughout this journey has been staying true to our artist identity; we've been questioned countless times about our music style, the mixture of languages we use, our image as artists, and we've told to change it all, but we know who we are and we will stay true to our message. There's to much noise out there, and the world should Watch Out because we are cutting through it.           Within your song “Watch Out!”, we can sense a dynamic sound through Japanese pop elements while rounding it out with radiant electronic pop. How did MiruDaru shape the supporting production to provide such a unique sound? Finding a balance between the elements of our musical and cultural background has been a real challenge. We wanted to create something that could be enjoyed by different audiences; On one side, We refer to Japanese Pop because it's very dynamic and bright. It's elaborated and songwriter oriented; the melody and lyrics are very important and that is our focus as musicians. On the other hand, we use elements of American Pop so our music is more fun, catchy and people can dance. When we start the production process of a song we establish the rhythm always thinking about how we can bring it to a live performance and make it fun. From then, we start shaping it with the styles mentioned above having meaningful verses transitioning into more uptempo rhythms to prepare the listener to party at the chorus. So far we have produced, arranged and written all of our songs, but we are looking forward to collaborating with other producers and musicians.          We’ve heard that MiruDaru has had quite an extensive industry background through various performances and TV/online shows. How have these experiences helped MiruDaru grow and expand as artists?

These opportunities have helped us to stay focused on our goals. When you get to perform in major venues with recognized artists your perspective changes. You really understand how things can get to be if you put effort and sacrifice into your craft. As an artist you start to be respected for what you do and for what you put out there. You also see that we are all human and it humbles you; we don't have to be perfect, but you do have to give your 200% on stage all the time. Most people see being a recognized artist as just fame and fortune, but there is much more to it. There's sentiment, love, hours of practice, lack of sleep, money invested and the list keeps going. You get to understand the process behind it all, and that is what really helps you to grow as an artist. Every single time you go on stage is a different learning experience and there's no warmest emotion that when people are dancing with you, singing with you and connecting at another level while you are on stage.  Through MiruDaru’s diverse discography and musical influences, we’ve heard that you fuse together pop, jazz, and Japanese pop. How did MiruDaru originally come across this broad range of style, has your sound changed since your first releases?

We are classically trained musicians and Jazz lovers. We also grew up to Latin music and Japanese Pop and We thought, "why not do it all?". We are a "Genre free" artist (laughs). We think that music is a universal language and we all understand it. We all identify with some genres more than others, and sometimes what we listen to is determined by our feelings. We want to show people our world; a musically and emotionally diverse world. We want to give our audience the chance to listen to our ballads when they are down, to dance to our music when they are happy, to play our Jazzy songs when they feel the romance. With every album release our music has definitely changed. We keep learning, adapting, and experimenting with our music. We want to create intercultural bridges with it, and what better way to do it than putting a little bit of everything into the mix. What can we expect to see next from you?

We are still promoting our latest album "Pop!" where you can find "Watch Out!". We released two music videos, and the previously mentioned song is one of them. We are planning to shoot another video for this album soon, and we have started writing and arranging a new piano acoustic EP. This EP will have piano versions of our favorite ballad from each album released so far and a couple of new songs. We want to soothe people's hearts in these times of crisis. We are also choreographing and staging the songs from our latest album "Pop!" to be ready when live venues open their doors again.   

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