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Diving Deep Into Amaka Queenette's Latest Release, “Fleeting, Inconsequential”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Amaka Queenette! We’re swooned by your heavenly vocals and sensual production stylings within both parts of “Fleeting, Inconsequential”. In regards to both parts “Suffocate” and “Ceilings”, did you want to provide a cohesive storyline throughout?

Suffocate and Ceilings both deal with themes of loss and change. Suffocate talks about feeling disconnected in a love that no longer exists. Ceilings are about losing time, and a life that you no longer live or are a part of. the cohesive storyline is just that of change.

Within your single “Fleeting, Inconsequential”, Amaka Queenette serves deep emotions that give us an introspective glimpse into your creativity. How did you write lyrics for “Fleeting, Inconsequential” that portray such deep running emotions?

those lyrics came from grieving my unrequited first love as well as how much I feel like I have changed in such a short amount of time. I am constantly evolving and it's both beautiful and scary.

Speaking on both parts of “Fleeting, Inconsequential” being “Suffocate” and “Ceilings”, Amaka Queenette slightly switches up the production to serve similar yet unique atmospheres. How did you originally want the project’s production to feel towards your audience?

I always aim to have my audience feel things the way they naturally would, so I try to leave a lot of things open to interpretation. I want them to feel nostalgic for their past loves and stages of life, the way I did while making the songs.

We’ve heard that Amaka Queenette has made her away across iconic Toronto venues, as well as being one of NOW Mag’s “One’s to Watch” for 2020. Since you’ve already made quite an impact on the industry, why do you think your music has been so successful thus far?

I personally don't feel like a success, but I am aware that I am reaching quite a niche audience which is an honor. I'm just trying to prove that I can deliver quality content even at this entry-stage that I still feel I am at.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I will be releasing 1 or 2 more singles over the course of the rest of the year

Listen to "Fleeting, Inconsequential" here.


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