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Diving Deep Into Geno Pacino's Life

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Geno! We're really thrilled to have you back with us to share your new single "Bitcoin" with us. What motivated you to make a song inspired by your involvement with the notorious virtual currency Bitcoins?

The most simpler answer is I thought it was dope. The whole theme came to me all at once when I heard the beat. And I have more and more people approaching me about getting involved in BitCoin & telling me it's the wave of the future. It just lined up perfectly to create a song about it in my own unique way. Especially in light of a lot of financial institutions collapsing with everything surrounding coronavirus. My homie Tre Exel from Atlanta made the beat and when he sent it to me I promised I would deliver a classic. If you ask me I came through without a doubt.                       

What do you hope to achieve for yourself as an artist through the highlighted themes found throughout your catalog of lyrical displays?

Greatness I have a really beautiful mind and way of thinking and if executed properly I know I can be one of the legends of hip hop. I want to spread my influence and share my experiences both good and bad with the world. I only hope people listen and understand. But if you get the power in the lyrics I say and how I deliver them I know a have one of the most unique voices and content in hip hop. It's all about it being executed and received properly.   

When it comes to your early year and where you come up, do you believe Englewood was a vital source of development for you musically? Why?

Englewood was and is everything that I am. No way I come to be the man I am today and as well rounded without it. I have always been an avid reader lol comic books in particular but I read a lot of other fiction and nonfiction. I have a geeky side so maybe without Englewood I go off to be some Harvard graduate. Or self-absorbed jerk. I have always been a cool dude and able to adjust to any environment based on where I started. There was the right mixture of pain, & hurt. The right things I experienced in the streets make me more chiseled and edgy. But never enough to separate me from who I am. I'm the people's champ the right blend of everything that Is Englewood.

Thank you, Geno! We're very eager to hear about any upcoming plans for you this year. Is there anything still currently on the burner we should know about?

I'm currently working on my next project Season 2 which is the follow up to my current albumPacinoSeason I have a new single I released called What's my name and another single called Pure on the way after that PacinoSeason 2 will be one of the best albums to come out this year. The songs I already have recorded are amazing. So once again it's all about the execution which is something I'm really good at. 

You can check out "Bitcoin" here.


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