Diving Deep Into the Life of KingBrix

Hey KingBrix! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving your release "Anything"! What was the production and songwriting process like for it?

Thanks for having me guys, I have a really confident and lose energy in the studio. These days I’ve been really depending on my synth collection to guide me in the right direction musically. With this song, I was using a really bad and outdated ProTools plugin called Xpand for a very outdated ProTools recording program. So surprised I found a sound I liked on it.  What you hear at the very beginning of “Anything” is what I heard when I realized I had a song. So glad to be able to pinpoint for everyone while they listen to the track where that actually happened. It’s really an untold want from listeners. To know where the writer actually not decided, but realized they had a song. I wake up with a smile every day because of that chase and feeling. 

It's fantastic to know you did all the writing and engineering yourself for this release. Were there any challenges faced? What was that process like for you?

I had initial concerns but after half an hour of any of the sessions used to record this song. I listened up, understood what my next dynamic step was and went for it. So the challenges were there but I went after the challenges and reminded myself that all my life experiences overpower being intimidated by a song I wrote. So tell the story out of respect for the things you previously dealt with. 

Your style is the fusion of quite a few styles, what had inspired you to go in this artistic direction? Do you have any idols from those genres?

I like to keep my true inspirations silent to keep comparisons down. Keep wondering people betting on what inspired me VS having me flat out say it. 

How does the style of KingBrix compare to your other projects? Do you feel you grow more like an artist when doing your solo project?

That’s a solid question.  As a guy in my mid-30s, having played with Corkran’s, McLaughlin’s, Smith’s, Ruckle’s, Stewart’s, and Ainsworth’s  (All big players in my life )  All of these guys have changed me as I’ve changed them. So whether I’m solo or not. We all take each other where ever the other person goes. But my studio and the updates I make to my studio is the real reason for growth at this point. You get to a point where your next step is understanding the technological tools, that will help pull out the songs your heart and soul are begging to tell. 

Listen to "Anything" here.