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Diving Deep With SharaLee and Her Latest Release, "Rescue Me"

Hey there, SharaLee! "Rescue Me" has finally debuted, and now that it's out to the music world, how do you feel about the way it was constructed in the end?! 

This song was a long project. It was a collab that was inspired by my time spent watching crime/drama on Netflix. I had ideas of where I wanted it to go and I think where it ended up, in the moody vibe is where it should be.

"Rescue Me" has a much deeper meaning to it than most would know if one focuses solely on the feeling it emulates. Can you share with listeners the true meaning of this track, and the purpose it holds for you personally? What inspired you to write about such a thought-provoking track?

I think listeners can clearly hear the most obvious surface meaning of the lyrics. But the deeper side is a reflection on every human being's honest moments of struggle. I think everyone goes through moments of feeling like this can't be it, but it's inevitable that time is running out. I don't deserve rescue and I have nowhere to escape but I'm crying out for someone to rescue me, in my case God, from this heartache or depression or whatever the personal crisis. 

As an artist who consistently speaks on heavy topics in your sound, would you say that you're the kind of artist who chooses to use your music as a platform for issues society sees today? 

I don't see myself as an artist who speaks on heavy topics, I just see it as life. However, all of my music has subtle undertones of my beliefs. I live in this world of hurt, sadness, and disappointments. Extreme highs and extreme lows. I experience these things too, obviously. But my deeper faith in God and belief that things will always work out is always the way my stories end. 

What are some topics you have yet to integrate within your music but contemplate integrating them in the near future?! Are you able to give our BuzzMusic readers any hints on what they can expect to listen to next from your music?

My songs are always written in the moment, current, as it is happening or unfolding. One thing you will learn quickly about me is I only write and sing about what I deeply believe in. I can't fake it. What you see is what you get. So whatever I end up writing about, it's sure to be something to some degree either happening directly or indirectly in my life. As an artist that has been on an ongoing journey to find my unique expression, I find myself always growing to be more and more like my authentic self, and you can be sure to see this going forward.

Listen to "Rescue Me" here


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