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Diving in "2 Blues" with Pavy

Hey Pavy, welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature yet another powerful single of yours “2 Blues”. Could you what inspired you to write and create “2 Blues”?

I was browsing YouTube for instrumentals when I stumbled upon this one. Once I found the beat I knew right away that I had something to say; the song spilled right out. I wrote the hook and from there it was just a matter of staying consistent. Your artwork for your single “2 Blues” really enhances the track’s dark and mysterious vibe. Could you speak on Pavy’s end goal for how you wanted “2 Blues” to sound and feel to your audience?

I wanted this song to hit my listeners a little differently than my previous pieces. Past projects have been very loud and hysterical, while 2 Blues sounds more mainstream. I had never really worked with low-end vocals, I believed for so long that my voice was only captivating when it was belting. I wanted listeners to hear this as a “car song.” Something you listen to when you're driving at night.  In regards to Pavy’s dynamic approach to Rap and Hip Hop, could you speak on your creative process, and how you approach laying down lyrics for each track to make them different and unique?

I’m always trying to experiment with my voice. As meaningful as the lyrics are to me, it’s the cadence of an artist that really penetrates the audience today. For my lyrics, however, I try to write verses in silence in order to cultivate something deep, about who I am or what I’m facing; whereas I write hooks with the instrumental in-ear in order to achieve something catchier. Again, as important as the lyrics are to me and others, it's the "catchiness" of a song that really determines its' success today. During Pavy’s last interview with BuzzMusic, you answered that two of your main aspirations are exposure and artistic growth. Do you feel that you’ve attained these goals, or are on the right path?

I do feel I’m on the right path! I’ve consistently grown my fan base and monthly listeners, but I’m nowhere close to being satisfied in that aspect. I'm doing my best to consistently learn about marketing and how to maximize exposure within the Vancouver/West Coast area. I don't think I'll really be happy with myself until something of mine hits 1million streams. In regard to vocal experimentation, 2 blues is a good example of me playing with new sounds. Like I said previously, I'm used to being loud and angry on the microphone, high pitched, and hysterical. In this new single I made the hook more low-end and trappy, which is something new for me. But just like the exposure game, I still have very far to go with my vocals. 

What are you doing during quarantine to stay inspired? What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

The quarantine has many pros and cons for artists. I'm accustomed to working with a team, and this isolation has deprived me of that luxury, which is a con. On the other hand, I have way more free time to write lyrics and build up a serious catalog of material I can use when my team finally meets up again. I don't enjoy being dependent on others, and this quarantine could be the perfect moment for me to become self-sufficient; however, the process of learning how to make and mix music is incredibly tedious and time-consuming that without the equipment or the schooling I am unlikely to accomplish that on my own. I intend to continue writing as much as possible so that my team and I can hit the road running once this is all over.

Listen to "2 Blues" here.


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