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Diving Into Bliss With Devin Kennedy’s “No Parachute”

Los Angeles artist, Devin Kennedy, is back with another infectious, relatable track after receiving overwhelming praise on his latest single, “Happy Yet”. Since his debut release back in 2018, he’s been awarded Hollywood Music in Media’s “Best New Emerging Artist,” and has achieved over 1.8 million streams. Devin sold out his debut headlining show at the famous Peppermint Club in LA and has now graduated from the Berklee College of Music. In the past, his songs have been featured on numerous Apple Music playlists, and now Devin is back with more music and ready to show the world.

No Parachute” taps into a feeling that everybody can relate to. The song was written about that one special person in your life that can lift you up, even though the toughest times. With “No Parachute”, Devinshows his passion for creating new sounds in the studio and his impressive ability to write hooks that will keep you coming back for more. Using modern synths and a smooth vocal texture to carry the hook, Devin has perfectly conveyed feelings of freedom and euphoria in both the production and lyrics. The lead vocal sits perfectly on top of this foundation. “No Parachute” is full of catchy, rhythmic lyrics that will steal your heart at the first listen.

Discover "No Parachute" .

Hello, Devin Kennedy! Welcome to BuzzMusic! I can see you’ve built up quite the impressive catalog in the past few years and have quickly established yourself as a professional, up and coming artist in the pop scene. Where did your musical journey begin and what inspired you to take it on as a career?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. I grew up in a musical family, so it was always around growing up. My dad plays guitar/bass/drums and produced a lot of music for film & tv, so he would always have me in the studio when I was young. From there I grew up playing in bands and then I ended up going to college to study production and business. It’s really the only thing I can imagine doing, I love it so much. 

With every release, you explore new sounds and production elements. Can you tell us more about your writing and production process on your upcoming release; “No Parachute”?

I wrote No Parachute with my good friends Rebecca Perl & Lukas Costas. The day we started it we decided to just write freely without deciding directly what we’re writing about or the arch of the story. We just wanted to write something easy, free, and something that sounded cool to us. We had written up to the chorus part, and the chorus felt very light and memorable, and then someone threw out the idea to just flip the switch and drop into a different chorus that said: “with no parachute”. The second we did it all three of us were hooked.  

Congratulations on selling out your debut headlining show at the Peppermint Club in LA! What do you love most about playing live shows and what have you learned on stage that has helped you improve and progress?

Thank you! I love meeting people who have supported me and listen to my music, it’s the craziest feeling. I’ve learned a lot about performing live, how to make a full show interesting for an audience, how to adapt your songs into a more memorable live version. I want anyone at aDevinKennedyshow to be able to recall a “moment” from each song.

Who has been the biggest influence on your musical style? How have they impacted your artistry?

I would say John Mayer has influenced my production/writing the most. I learned from him that less is more on a track. Rather than adding a million different parts, I try to find the best part possible and add one layer at a time when producing. 

What can we expect to see from you next?

More music through the summer! I’m excited to release some more singles that I’ve been wrapping up in quarantine. 



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