Diving Into Bliss With Devin Kennedy’s “No Parachute”

Los Angeles artist, Devin Kennedy, is back with another infectious, relatable track after receiving overwhelming praise on his latest single, “Happy Yet”. Since his debut release back in 2018, he’s been awarded Hollywood Music in Media’s “Best New Emerging Artist,” and has achieved over 1.8 million streams. Devin sold out his debut headlining show at the famous Peppermint Club in LA and has now graduated from the Berklee College of Music. In the past, his songs have been featured on numerous Apple Music playlists, and now Devin is back with more music and ready to show the world.

No Parachute” taps into a feeling that everybody can relate to. The song was written about that one special person in your life that can lift you up, even though the toughest times. With “No Parachute”, Devinshows his passion for creating new sounds in the studio and his impressive ability to write hooks that will keep you coming back for more. Using modern synths and a smooth vocal texture to carry the hook, Devin has perfectly conveyed feelings of freedom and euphoria in both the production and lyrics. The lead vocal sits perfectly on top of this foundation. “No Parachute” is full of catchy, rhythmic lyrics that will steal your heart at the first listen.

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