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DIY London-Based Duo REYKO Drop New Music Video For “Hierba Mala”

REYKO is the joined musical forces of vocalist Solil and producer Igor to create an electro-pop fusion. The DIY duo has been making music together since it was necessary for Igor’s master's degree in music production. REYKO independently writes, produces, and records everything they release from their home studio based in London. REYKO now comes through with new music that will set the tone for a milestone 2019.

REYKO follows up their delicate, atmospheric track “Lose Myself” with brand new hit “Hierba Mala”. Translating in Spanish as “Bad Weed” the track refers to a toxic person that is very hard to get rid of. The hook of the track sings ‘bad weed never dies’ or ‘hierba mala nunca muere’, to capture the emotional turmoil this person can leave behind. The music video sees both Soliel and Igor wandering the city streets, presenting the exact same melancholy true to the song's original sentiments. “Hierba Mala” is a down-tempo, contagious dance-track that will have listeners from all walks of life vibing along. In just a few short days, the video and single have seen nothing but success with thousands of views and streams. I highly recommend you check out “Hierba Mala” and the rest of REYKO’s impressive repertoire. 


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