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DJ Bander’s Latest Release “Asymptomatic” Has Us All Captivated

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, DJ Bander’s versatile sound will capture you and leave you wanting more. Combining deep tech-house and cinematic gritty down-tempo electronic music, Bander is known for his energetic live shows. Starting on the piano as a child, Bander eventually expanded his horizons and shows interest in performing, composing, and producing. Now with significant production credits already under his belt, he releases his new single, “Asymptomatic.”

DJ Bander’s new song, “Asymptomatic” starts with a catchy beat and low-fi vocals. He comes in with the fantastic flow, supported by the harmonies in the background. The rhythms throughout intensify the production and add to the details so interesting and intricate; you won’t want to stop listening. The electronic effect on the vocals and ad-libs will captivate you from start to end, and the overall vibe makes you want to blast this song on full volume. Not to mention the evolving vocoder, which transforms the song as we listen. Slowing down at the end with a reverberated synth, Bander leaves us waiting for his next release. Don’t miss out on this upbeat, insightful track from Bander.

Listen to Bander’s “Asymptomatic” here.

Hi DJ Bander! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your musical journey started out on the piano. What first sparked your interest in playing this instrument? Do you think your love for the piano is what inspired you to learn other things such as performing, composing, and producing?

The piano has always been an integral part of my musical training. It was pressed upon me as key to my education by my mother and later in life, became the cornerstone of my compositional arsenal, especially when working in my Logic Pro X sequencer. It also gave me the understanding of not only chord progressions but also arrangement, which is key to building full tracks in the studio (i.e. bass, keys, synths, strings, drums). When I first started in the Los Angeles music industry I studied orchestration at USC and worked within the film music industry as an apprentice to composer and music editor Emanuele Arnone, on major motion pictures such as Day After Tomorrow. I would definitely owe a huge amount of my success in the industry to having traditional music training, music theory is crucial to being a real composer and producer and not just being a loop producer.

What is the meaning behind your new song, “Asymptomatic”?

The concept behind Asymptomatic is in its essence, we have all been swept into a new challenging and difficult time with Covid-19. The message behind the song is multifold, one is that we are all in this together, to survive 2020 and be able to fight for our right to pursue our dreams! The other message is that to be Asymptomatic in 2020, to be immune to the Corona Virus, is the ultimate flex. It now has a higher meaning than even having money, fame, or notoriety. To be safe to go outside without fear of infection is the new lotto ticket of this bold and dangerous time. The last meaning is that we all have a choice in front of us, to either be in denial of the threat of the virus or make the best of the situation and maximize this amazing opportunity to build our brands, companies, and personal lives. You either make the best of a crisis or fold to its pressure. 

We hear you have a reputation for creating exciting, energetic live shows! What is your favorite part about performing? Do you have any future plans for your live shows?

While for the time being live shows have been put on hold due to Covid-19, my history of big live shows at EDM festivals will always be an integral part of my brand. There is a great feeling when playing your original songs out to an audience, especially EDM fans, who always appreciate new music and love to give a new sound a chance. My favorite memories were performing at K-Lin’s events, the best electronic music festival host in Central California.

However as of late, I am now pivoting more to online live performances, sometimes DJing sets on my Instagram, or more recently doing Q&A sessions with my thousands of online fans and also production tutorials for producers and artists. As a professional real estate and stock market investor, I have also been giving advice to musicians and young people on how to be smart with their money and begin to plan for their future, especially during these difficult times. I did this a lot last year when I completed a season as a guest host on a finance show on DASH Radio called The Finance Bunch.

We see you have accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge and experience from your past. What have you learned along your journey? How have you used this to improve and develop?

I have learned many things on my journey through the music industry, the most important would be learning how to complete and finish songs and have a strong catalog of music out and available in stores. When I charted in the top 100 on Beatport and iTunes, I learned about what it takes to put out commercial music that has broad and mass appeal. The other important thing I learned is to value my work and to learn to demand to be paid for my time and my production. So many artists struggle with this as they move into a professional setting, but it is essential to making your music business, not just a hobby. Through these developments I have also learned who I can trust and who not to trust. I spent many years having to learn the right people to have around me and it has helped me to reach new heights in my career.

What can we expect to see next from throughout 2020?

My plan is to have 2020 will be an even bigger year for my brand and label than 2019, which was the most profound year of my career thus far, with two major charting records along with features in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Fox News. In 2020 I plan to put out more music that includes my own vocals, as well as new collaborations with exciting new artists. I also plan on putting together more uptempo singles as well as video content, creating a new blend of film and music. I am working with a new digital marketing team who are successfully getting my music heard by huge new audiences, amassing a new audience for me in a few short months, more than I ever could have imagined. I will also be working to complete my biggest passion project, an EP entitled UTWD that is a journey through my struggles and triumphs in the music industry. 



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