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DJ Forrest Houston Brings Us on an Experience With New Single “Not Alone”

Hailing from Houston, TX - DJ Forrest Houston has set out to take the experience of EDM to a new sonic highway that many have not traveled. His new single “Not Alone” is similar to starting a car and driving into a deserted road that eventually leads to your favorite music festival that is lit up with screaming sounds and unreal production for 3 days straight. Kicking off, “Not Alone” begins with a dream-like synth that is supported by the amazing and soft vocals of Kelsey Edwards.

Instantly, the song sets the tone of a sadness that is backed up by a hopeful future. When the drop hits, you’re instantly dancing and the serotonin levels in your brain are immediately restored. The track “Not Alone” isn’t your typical EDM song and we truly believe that not only Kelsey Edwards vocal performance makes this song special, but also the unique production and tones that are brought to the table by DJ Forrest Houston. As well, there seems to be a true pop sensibility in the structure of the song, making this an easy listen for all ears, not just the fans of typical EDM production. Having a true widespread on this track, “Not Alone” has the potential to reach new audiences and open doors for a new artist like DJ Forrest Houston. 

We are all aware of how large the city of Houston is, and DJ Forrest Houston has been rated the top 3 DJ’s in the entire city. Proving he is not a one-trick pony, DJ Forrest Houston is the perfect entertainer for Top Tier Nightlife, Corporate, Wedding, School, and Private Functions. Be sure to keep up to date with him and see if you can experience his sonic universe sometime soon.

Listen to "Not Alone" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DJ Forrest Houston. Who are some of the artists, not only DJ’s that you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from different eras and genres of music from my DJing over 20 years but the few that stick out are Tiesto and Calvin Harris. Tiesto evolved his style to keep up with today's trends along with creating epic remixes and he continues to be a worldwide force while I feel very similar to Calvin Harris in that he loves to find the world's top talent and collaborate with them and maximize their skillsets. My intention is to create DJ ready songs as I only have an interest in music that will move dancefloors versus listening to music.

Would you say that you look to pop culture songwriting when shaping your songs? If so, what sort of impact do you look to have with listeners?

Yes absolutely. I try to release relevant lyrics and music that take advantage of trends. For example, I released "Alien Escapes" EDM instrumental track to honor the Raid Area 51 phase. I created "Terminator" because the movie touched my life in so many ways as a kid, in addition to the latest movie releasing in November. I created "Release" because I see so many people, including myself, that have been holding back their passions their entire lives!  My message is to inspire and move the audience on an emotional level. I want DJs to feel comfortable when they see the DJ Forrest Houston name that they are getting a quality track to take the guesswork out of choosing new music to feature. 

You perform at Top Tier Nightlife, Corporate, Wedding, School, and Private Functions but what would be your favorite environment to perform in?

My favorite is nightlife because there is nothing like moving a huge crowd and I don't have to hold back musically with clean edits or filler music for the most part. However, when performing weddings and private events there is a level of pride knowing that you made the most important day in someone's life a huge success. I just love my craft!

Any dream festivals you’d love to be part of?

I would love to someday take the stage at major festivals like Tomorrowland or Ultra. I get chills when I watch DJs performers lighting up a crowd and generating tears in the audience with the stage presence and theatrics. I know I have the skillset to do this and can one day see myself performing at a festival like this!

Do you have any plans to release more music and what do you hope to accomplish in 2020?

Yes absolutely, my goal in 2020 is to continue releasing new music and remixes in the EDM, pop, and Hip hop genres while continuing to collaborate with top world's talent as I did with Oliviya Nicole, Dezi Dior, and Kelsey Edwards in 20019! I have some huge surprises in the works and hope you join me on this journey. This truly is just the beginning as my first ever song release was only June of 2019 and my music has already been streamed over 100k times in over 70 countries already!



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