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DJ Forrest Houston Introduces Us To “The Shift,” Our World Is Experiencing

California's artist on the rise, DJ Forrest Houston, has just written, recorded, and produced Bass House EDM single "The Shift." His intention for this song was to create a "festival banger" that DJs can play at any dancefloor to raise the energy level. DJ Forrest Houston created an ideal EDM song to dance to, but "The Shift" also contains a more profound message for his thoughtful fans. "The Shift" has a hard-hitting beat made up of a variety of percussion sounds. Throughout the song, DJ Forrest Houston builds up to multiple drops that will make listeners feel awake and alert. With his new release, "The Shift," DJ Forrest Houston shares his unique take on the COVID-19 outbreak.

"The Shift" is a way for him to express his belief that the world is experiencing a "rapid consciousness shift into a higher vibrational state." The energetic musical production of "The Shift" represents DJ Forrest Houston's idea of our new vibrational state. DJ Forrest Houston has had this theory for a while; things are different, and the world is evolving quickly. The virus outbreak has been a chance for people to feel the change and wake up from their comas. With the vibrancy and intensity of "The Shift," DJ Forrest Houston encourages fans to wake up and feel the shift themselves.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DJ Forrest Houston! Your lively beats tell us so much more than one would expect! Can you tell us more about what you mean by “the shift” the world is experiencing?

I and many others feel the world, in general, is shifting spiritually and has been for some time and is reaching a peak or climax. This means something different to everyone and we are all having a unique interpretation of this. Nothing quite makes sense anymore and due to social media and the internet, our world is changing rapidly and after COVID will obviously never be quite the same. It's the new normal.

Could you elaborate on how you used your musical writing and production talents to represent the shift of consciousness into a higher vibrational state?

A higher vibration state is transferred through high energy and high BPM (beats per minute) music that makes you move your body. Although "The Shift" is a mostly an EDM instrumental track, it took almost three months to get the vocals, lyrics, and arrangement just right to convey! We went the extra mile to film the video in Venice Beach known for high energy and a unique vibe.

Who are some of your musical inspirations and how do they influence your style?

I am influenced by the pioneers such as Tiesto and Calvin Harris due to their versatility among other things. They are great live, in-studio, and work with the top talent in the world. I am inspired to create music for dance floors that can be played by DJs in party environments.

The song was written before the COVID outbreak, but the virus simply intensified the thoughts you already had. Can you tell us more about how the pandemic has made the shift more obvious?

More and more people are beginning to question things, rather than just blindly accept what they are being told by our "leaders" and media. As we "Shift" we are empowered to realize we create our reality so this puts us at cause instead of being powerless. 

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Working on a few remixes now to be released in the next few months and can't wait to get back to performing more live shows as the world continues to open back up!


Photography: Scott Kelley Photography


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