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DJ G-string Releases A Banger, “Always (Trance Remix)”

After a seven-year break from music, she debuted on the airwaves in 2020 and has remained prolific. Today we'll be reviewing her latest electrifying and tenacious dance record, "Always (Trance Remix)." DJ G-String is a resident DJ on Good Groove Radio, Secret Lounge Radio, Ibiza Stardust Radio, and the Subterranean Music Venue in Chicago. She’s also held a residency in clubs and played events across the Midwest area. Her endless aural passion and tenacity have allowed her to gain over 1 million Spotify plays since making her debut. The "Always (Trance Remix)" sets a specific tone for the project, being that it's track one, it has an energetic feeling to its production (rightfully so, with it having a trance remix done to it). Trance has always been uptempo and vibey, with its bpm driving your euphoria harder and higher. "Always (Trance Remix)" proves why DJ G-string is next to blow in the DJ industry! The synths and effervescent sonics drive this record to the max, giving you the dance vibe to get you out of your seats and onto the dance floor and getting you into the mood to rave & bounce around to the punching kick drums and inspiring melodies. The hypnotic vocals set a mysterious yet clarified sound overall, giving it that energy to raise the heart rate.

The rapturing bass and hypnotic groove in "Always (Trance Remix)" have us entertained, surprised, and dancing! This trance record is 100% a record we'd put on if we'd like to increase the euphoric vibe, uplift the mood in the room, or raise the heart rate, getting us on the dancefloor immediately.

Dance the night away with the hypnotic sounds of DJ G-String as she conducts the grooviest and most exciting tunes known to man! Enjoy this listening experience, with all its twists and turns from the first second to the very last.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DJ G-String! Your work on "Always (Trance Remix)" is incredible! What sparked the idea of creating a trance rendition of your "Always" record? What made this record so special?

I was listening to a lot of trance and I was thinking OMG I should make a trance EP - ha. I mean it usually happens this way driving in my convertible - top-down - ideas flowing through my curly hair - trying to give you some imagery. But seriously I love my track Always it was pivotal with my style and sound and really the first love-driven dance track I wrote about my wife. All my other tracks are usually about the depressing parts of love, but yeah - growing up in my emotions, I guess. I felt that there were some tracks of my music that really could come alive with trance. I also am an old-school-style trance like Tiesto Silence, Pan Van Dyke For an Angel, or Gabriel & Dresden tracking treasure down. I mean I think having a Nostalgia spot in that time I was jamming to some older jams I listened to when I started DJing - so the concept of this EP was born. "Always (Trance Remix)" has us out of our seats, ready for a great night! Did you purposefully select trance for the grooves and moods in it? If so, why did you enjoy what a trance remix does to a record? I usually make music based on how I feel. I have to say doing a lot of connecting with producers that make trance music on the regular and getting some of their feedback helped me a lot with starting the concept of this track. I have built a nice group of friends in the music industry that is indie-like which has inspired me to build outside of my house style of music. I wanted something that was chill but drawing and really didn't impact the original vibe of Always. I think Always in general is one of my favorite tracks besides my next release out June 10th called I want you to know. As a female DJ in the industry, how would you encourage other DJs who find it hard to break through the industry? It is incredibly hard. I think when I started back in 2002 really it was easier - dance music was still growing up and now we have dance music at main huge festivals and DJs at concerts with big artists. So I think coming back to this after being gone for a few years and starting to really produce was challenging. I came back during Covid so probably wasn't the best timing but I have met some great people on this journey. I'm still trying to break through, but I am tenacious AF so if I have my mind set on something I'm doing it - no barriers. I think the advice I can give is just to keep moving - keep producing quality, and explore other genres. I was recently told I should consider making pop music too and I don't know maybe I will make a pop song or two. When writing the lyrics for this song, what did you want your listeners to know that you might've felt they overlooked? Always is about a song about true love. I mean the type of love that shouldn't exist. I am one of the lucky ones to have found an amazing human to share my life with that supports me fully and never brings me down. Her sacrifices for me to have my dreams is so selfless that I am always shocked by the capacity of her love. So, if you hear the track Always it really is just being so consistent that you know in your heart it is always. I also sang the original of this track in Greek too What's next for you?

Tons of new music releases.

I want you to know - house track out June 10th

Billie Jean Cover song - Big room out July 15th

Old Town Road Cover Song - House track out August 5th

LA Woman Cover Song - Disco House track out Sept

Two Originals - In all my life and All I want out at the end of the year!


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