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DJ Menoo Releases His Groovy Single “Count on Me”, Featuring Sander Nijbroek

Geneva born Electronic DJ Menoo is evolving deep house with his latest single “Count On Me” featuring the vocals of Sander Nijbroek. From the Geneva region, but spending most of his life in Lyon, Menoo takes a creative pop approach to deep EDM. Drawing influences from pop-folk music, he is definitely one to create positive music that grooves through the soul. With a unique sound, Menoo has taken his artistry and worked with other electronic producers from around the world. Currently working on his debut album to drop sometime this year, he’s set the bar quite high for himself and other artists.

His single “Count On Me” featuring Sander Nijbroek opens with a groovy baseline, anticipating the drop of Sander Nijbroek’s crystal clear and undeniably bright vocals. The track offers a consistent beat, supported by an ever so catchy baseline encouraging you to get up and dance. Menoo has taken an incredibly creative approach to deep house music with pop-like vocals and drum patterns. That being said, the lyrics serve as the perfect cherry on top, delivering affectionate messages like, “I’ll be your shelter in the storm, your shield in the war…you can always count on me”. It’s without a doubt that Menoo’s debut album is something to look forward to.

Listen to "Count On Me" here.



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