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DJ ROS Redefines Music In “Pretty Ugly”

The experimental electronic music artist DJ ROS released a new conceptual mashup album, “Pretty Ugly,” to give you a new perspective on music.

DJ ROS is a DJ from the United States, a producer, and a superstar in the experimental music scene. DJ ROS gives listeners new experiences they won’t find anywhere else by using a range of sounds from multiple genres and decades. The use of different tech between software and analog is a signature of DJ ROS’ work.

“Pretty Ugly” is the new album of DJ ROS under the Kill Your Radio Project. In this album, DJ ROS uses analog tech only to give it a genuine touch of the 80s sounds, like listening to it from a cassette tape. “Pretty Ugly” is also the first release of DJ ROS’ new recording home Def Alien Recordings, the house of Kill Your Radio Project.

The album “Pretty Ugly” consists of a one-hour-long track that merges samples of 140 songs. These samples come from pop, hip-hop, rap, and rock songs. But you will also find snippets from classic movies and TV shows that might ring a bell. “Pretty Ugly” promises to blow your mind with a new kind of musical work you have never listened to before.

“Pretty Ugly” is an album you must listen to as one track. It is a trip with a beginning and an end, whose path is constantly changing. You will come across different songs and pop references that you know, but you will see them differently.

Get ready to live a new experience through music. “Pretty Ugly” is an album you will never forget. But you will play on repeat.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DJ ROS, and congratulations on your latest release, "Pretty Ugly." What took you to make “Pretty Ugly?”

The 2022 release of the project came about quite by accident. I started the recording in 2011 when I first had the idea of creating an alter ego performance concept. I wanted an outlet that allowed me to throw in many non-conventional, unexpected musical choices outside of what I would do in a usual DJ set. Doing so under the moniker "KILL YOUR RADIO" allows me an outlet with no brand confusion.

How did you choose what samples to use in “Pretty Ugly?” It was purely random & organic. Though I pulled tons of acapella before restarting the recording process, I did not pre-plan what would be included in the set. I made those choices as the production continued. All I knew was that I wanted the genre choices to be widely varied. I think the end result reflects such.

What kept you motivated during the making of “Pretty Ugly?” Hearing the playback & sensing the vibe the choices made were creating truly feeds the creative process. It is self-building in nature. I also felt motivated because it sounds like nothing else is being released right now. I plan to continue building on that. Such is extremely motivating.

What did you learn as an artist from making “Pretty Ugly?”

I was reminded to always commit to putting things out that you are personally into & allowing those things to find their audience organically & authentically. Doing a "Mashup Album" when such is not the popular wave was instructive as a creator.

How do you expect “Pretty Ugly” to impact your career?

I honestly have no expectations. I like it that way. I truly want these mashup projects to find supporters in whatever manner they can in an organic fashion. If those fans of the work want to see it performed in person, I'll happily take the show on the road. That is the plan. What's next for you? That is the magic question! "PRETTY UGLY" is the first release from my newly formed independent record label, Def Alien. I am genuinely excited to continue to put out mashup projects and original music, remixes, and DJ mixes for our growing global audience. I am extremely excited about that part of the journey. This is a new beginning for me across the board.

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