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DJ Waffles Finds Synergistic Flow in Collaboration with Songstress Kathana on "Never Fade"

Seldom few have a propensity for making the sorts of music that blends progressive house and future bass together at the age of seventeen. But this is well-earned territory for the Atlanta Georgia producer who takes pride in his polished sound.

DJ Waffles tends to finds a way of enhancing his music through diverse highlighting artifacts, whether it be a strong rhythm, a tantalizing topline hook, or the butterflies we get in our stomach before a drop. And for "Never Fade," this dynamic producer has found his relic in the magnetizing pull of Kathana's vocals for the epergne to this young mastermind's future house banquet of addictive sonics.

Picture yourself serenaded by a voice transmuting from whispering and sensual to saturated and endearing as you lean up against the metal barriers separating you from the front stage of the Ultra Music Festival. At the same time, the house music gushes through the speakers in the background. That's what this rallying track from this synergistic duo feels like.

DJ Waffles and Kathana are maintained by their adhesive mix of dynamic expression and fleshy character amongst a four to the floor house beat and an addictive topline, as "Never Fade" erupts with overwhelming style and spring in the chorus's pumping synths. The song finds solace in an atmospheric breakdown segment highlighting Kathana's cantor as she sings, "we don't care how we get there, on our way to meet the sun." It quietly devastates in an impassioned whisper before the swells of the upcoming drop suck us into the final crescendos of this expansive mix. Most notably fascinating about this entire endeavor is the malleability this track finds in its filtered out transitions and stomach splitting slopes. It's in this precise manner the young producer finds his niche amongst the unique multi-genre community he finds solace in, but it's no deterrent to his radiating command over a very contemporary fitting marketplace earning a place in our summer playlists.

What was your favorite part about working with Kathana on this track, and what characteristics do you think she possesses as a singer that made her a perfect fit for "Never Fade?"

My favorite part about working with Kathana was the fact that we were able to connect really well and have a fun time during the making of the track. She's an amazing singer and her lyrics are so different and unique compared to some other music out there. Her voice was such a perfect fit for Never Fade because it complemented the dreamy and emotional vibe of the track.

What fuels your creative intuition as a young artist who is only at the early stages of his blossoming career?

The support I get from both my fans and other artists fuel my motivation and desire to learn more about my craft. I love experimenting with different things in my music because it opens up a new range of possibilities and ideas. Never Fade is a perfect example of this because I've never produced anything like it before.

If you could describe with three words the sensations you wanted to present to your audience through this track, which words would they be, and why?

Happiness, calmness, and the feeling of love are all present throughout the track. The verses present sort of a calm/dreamy vibe while it slowly escalates into the emotional and energetic drop. The overall message of Never Fade is about love and how magical it can be when you're with someone in life.

What is your mindset like heading into the last summer months of 2020 as an up and coming artist amongst these challenging times?

During these last summer months, I've been having a mindset of getting through and continuing to put out good music for people. Lately, I've been taking advantage of my extra time to finish up and push out 2 new brands as well as finishing up collaborations and other record label deals that I have going on.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I'd say my desire to constantly improve my artist image is what keeps me inspired during 2020. This year has allowed me to try new things and take some massive steps forward in my career that I wouldn't have ever thought I could've achieved.



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