DJ Waffles Puts His Flare and "Taste" Together to Create a Mystic Record

From Atlanta, Georgia stems DJ Waffles! As an EDM artist, DJ Waffles branches out into the music world in an expressive manner. DJ Waffles ensures that every track he puts his energy into executes in his exclusive fashion. As a 16-year old producer, DJ Waffles has already gained attention worldwide for his sound and mixing abilities. DJ Waffles also wants his work to go towards songs that have meaning behind them, and we see exactly this in one of his 2019 releases!

DJ Waffles has exhibited his production stylings predominantly throughout his most recent featured track release "Taste". As his first collaboration, DJ Waffles contributes to "Taste" in both production and writing. The actual production of "Taste" is very mystic and atmospheric. With a consistent piano melody throughout, "Taste" emulates an element of serenity to listeners. With the deep and humble vocals tied in, the perfect picture is painted for what is the essence of "Taste". Near the chorus, you'll come to appreciate the theatrical and expressive energy that's captured via DJ Waffles' production mannerisms. "Taste" is the perfect Electronic/Pop track that brings both somber and powerfully spirited components, and with the help of DJ Waffles regarding the overall mixing of the track, "Taste" emerges as an unforgettable single!

Discover DJ Waffles' production stylings in "Taste" here.

Hey, DJ Waffles! Congratulations on the release of "Taste"! How did you feel synthesizing the production for this particular track?

In the beginning, I was hesitant because I’ve never produced anything like it before. I started off in the field of EDM, so producing an indie-pop track was out of my comfort zone. I was about halfway done with the beat when I finally felt excited and proud because it was coming all together. That’s when I knew instantly that Taste would become a hit.