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DJ Waffles Puts His Flare and "Taste" Together to Create a Mystic Record

From Atlanta, Georgia stems DJ Waffles! As an EDM artist, DJ Waffles branches out into the music world in an expressive manner. DJ Waffles ensures that every track he puts his energy into executes in his exclusive fashion. As a 16-year old producer, DJ Waffles has already gained attention worldwide for his sound and mixing abilities. DJ Waffles also wants his work to go towards songs that have meaning behind them, and we see exactly this in one of his 2019 releases!

DJ Waffles has exhibited his production stylings predominantly throughout his most recent featured track release "Taste". As his first collaboration, DJ Waffles contributes to "Taste" in both production and writing. The actual production of "Taste" is very mystic and atmospheric. With a consistent piano melody throughout, "Taste" emulates an element of serenity to listeners. With the deep and humble vocals tied in, the perfect picture is painted for what is the essence of "Taste". Near the chorus, you'll come to appreciate the theatrical and expressive energy that's captured via DJ Waffles' production mannerisms. "Taste" is the perfect Electronic/Pop track that brings both somber and powerfully spirited components, and with the help of DJ Waffles regarding the overall mixing of the track, "Taste" emerges as an unforgettable single!

Discover DJ Waffles' production stylings in "Taste" here.

Hey, DJ Waffles! Congratulations on the release of "Taste"! How did you feel synthesizing the production for this particular track?

In the beginning, I was hesitant because I’ve never produced anything like it before. I started off in the field of EDM, so producing an indie-pop track was out of my comfort zone. I was about halfway done with the beat when I finally felt excited and proud because it was coming all together. That’s when I knew instantly that Taste would become a hit.

As an emerging DJ, how do you feel you're bringing about a new sound within the world of mixing?

I feel extremely excited and proud. Finding my sound has been something I’ve been working on over my 1.5 year production career. Most DJs produce EDM, so it feels amazing proving that DJs don’t just have to produce that genre of music.

How do you go about picking the tracks you're interested in collaborating with?! 

Usually, it’s all random because I need singers for all my tracks. Most of the time, I’d find a good singer that sings the same genre as the beat is. How I worked with Jakob was a funny story because it was all an accident. I originally produced Taste for a singer in Greece, but he later couldn’t get any inspiration from it and we parted our ways. About a week later, Jakob shot me a DM on Instagram asking to collaborate and we connected instantly.

"Taste" definitely had a distinct and varied sound all throughout the track. We especially loved the more expressive performance during the chorus of the song. Where did your inspiration stem from in order to create a production for a track like "Taste"?!

I love everything about Taste and it’s such a unique track with a different sound. My inspiration for it was behind the music of Lewis Capaldi and Coldplay. I took Coldplay’s sound and made it into a chorus while I took Lewis Capaldi's sound and made the verses. It’s such a simple, yet emotional track.

Can you share with our readers the deeper message behind "Taste" and how it delves into the world of emotions entailing heartbreak?

Taste was written based on a true story of mine. It talks about a hard breakup between a couple and how everything may feel so depressing at first. Although one may feel so much pain and sorrow, they will never forget each other’s “Taste” when going separate ways. I felt all of this before with a breakup of mine and we couldn’t stop thinking about the other person. We both had a bit of each other inside of us after moving on.

 It was a pleasure to talk with you about your latest single "Taste", DJ Waffles! Where do you see your career heading for the 2020 year?

I have big things planned for next year! A couple of new dance tracks will be out between now and February and I’m still planning on continuing my DJ show Nightlife that airs on Real Dance Radio. There are also plans to make a documentary about me and how I got started with music at such a young age. It’s gonna be an exciting year for sure!



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