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Django Walker Gives Thanks To His Biggest Idol On His Charming New Single “My Hero”

Sometimes, our biggest heroes don’t come with capes.

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Django Walker truly has music in his blood. His early years were spent absorbing the sounds of Texas legends like Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, and Guy Clark, all of whom played with and befriended his father. Although he comes from a rich musical legacy, Django has carved out his own path, penning hits for artists like Pat Green, Jimmy Buffett, Josh Abbott, and Kevin Fowler. As he continues to write a rich musical legacy for himself, make sure to keep your eye on this rising star.

Inspired by his father, legendary Texas singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker, Django Walker’s new single “My Hero” offers listeners an intimate glimpse into the personal heroes who shape our lives. “My Hero” was penned by Django during the challenging final days of his father’s life, and reflecting on the experience, Walker shares, “He wasn’t doing great and I wanted to write something to say that our heroes don’t have to meet a certain criteria. They just have to be OUR hero.”

Soft, intimate, and gentle, “My Hero” dives deep into the emotional connections that define our heroes, showcasing Walker’s storytelling prowess and ability to evoke profound sentiments. Walker reminisces on all the lessons his father taught him, from teaching him “how to play this old six-string guitar” as well to “how to laugh and how to love / and how to be a good friend.” Noting that his hero wore “Blue jeans and a cowboy hat,” “My Hero” aims to inspire listeners to find and cherish their own heroes, even if they may not wear a cape.

Django Walker’s new release “My Hero” captures the essence of what it means to look up to a personal hero, even if they might not have traditional superpowers. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Django Walker’s new release “My Hero”, out now on all major streaming platforms.


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