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DMGD Unleashes Your Inner Spirit Animal With The Perfect Party Hit: “Animals”

DMGD is a 24 year old Singer/Songwriter from New York whose living in Los Angeles CA. he released his ultra blazing hit titled “Animals” and we were here for it. Animals was like a nice fusion of pop and soft rock with elements of hazy and dreamy pop melodies. These elements help create a musical journey for the listener to tread on during listening. You’re hypnotized by the melody and danceable rhythm as the song progresses, catching your urge to dance, let loose, and forget about your day to day stress or worries.

“Animals” would be the perfect song to play at a club or even a getaway party. It’s like you’re vacationing through the symphonies of the music and who doesn’t love a great escape? The vocal resonance to the artist is highly sufficient and it has a sense of vocal control and solid material to move its listener with the music. DMGD vocals is highly resilient as well, which helps project the energy of “Animals” in a way we can’t help but to love. He takes his range into various different vocal registers from low to high, even showing the capability of big belted notes. A skilled vocalist, rhythmic beat, and a stylistic approach is all the ingredients needed to curate the perfect pop star!

Stay on the look out for "Animals"! It will be released April 19, 2019. Read more in our interview with DMGD below.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far? And how do/did you overcome them?

I feel as an artist, you can’t help but face challenges. Yes, there’s the honest money struggle like, how will I pay for food? How can I afford to make a new record? However, the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis is my battle with depression and anxiety. It’s easy for some people to wake up and put a smile on, but for others- it’s a little harder. I think taking care of your mental health is extremely important and sometimes overlooked. I wanted to shine a light on the fact that many artists struggle with mental illness and maybe we should start sharing love instead of insults, hate, or jealousy. I truly believe if you stay true to yourself and the art you put out, everything will fall into place. 

Tell us about “Animals” and the meaning behind it?

“Animals” started off as a few lines recorded at a songwriting session back in 2016. I believe the only lines we liked were “like animals” and “keep chewing on my love.” So when my producer, Nathan Walters, and I met again this past year, we both decided to revisit the track. I really wanted something sexy, fierce and grungy but very unique. The meaning is very straightforward. We are all animalistic at heart. I wanted to write about a possible encounter, almost a fantasy.

What inspired you to write “Animals” ?

Animals was inspired by a night out with my friends in West Hollywood. The gay bars, the grunge, the dancing. I wanted something that had substance but at the same time was fun and tasteful in an adult way.

Do you have any key influences on your style of music? If so which or who and why?

Currently I’m an avid listener to the Pop Rising playlist on Spotify. Truthfully, I get my influence from so many different artists but if we’re bringing it back to how I started to fall in love with music, it’s 100% Kenny Rogers and Louis Armstrong. Not the most common duo but that’s what my mom would play in the car when I was growing up. I really appreciate those artists. I get inspired when people get creative together, and whenever I hear something or someone so undeniably unique.

What’s next for you, DMGD?

Let me just clarify, DMGD = Damaged. Next up, I have a feature coming out at the end of the month, and a few more over the summer. Currently, going to start work on DMGD’s debut EP, based on my experiences while living in Hollywood. I hope you enjoy “Animals” and I look forward to making more new music for you all. Thanks!


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