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DMV Rapper Quon x3 Releases "Roll Wit Ya"

Quon x3 is a DMV rapper who knows how to stick to the culture of hip hop while engraving his own personal style and aesthetic into his music. The rapper released his single titled “Roll With Ya”, a trendy hit with witty bars, metaphorical lyricism and a slight old-school vibe, adding significant amount of flavor and detail to the record. Quon x3 has a distinguishable rap voice apart from your typical rapper you hear on the radio today which makes his music even more attractive and appealing to people like me who is incredibly engrossed by the idea of authenticity and raw rap music. What I liked most about the song was the beginning introduction when the strings of the bass guitar fabricates a funky groove before Quon’s precise flow transitions in. Quon’s ability to fuse together classic rap elements alongside the current flare makes him a killing artist to be on the lookout for due to his strategic capability of delivering progressive hits digestible for a larger crowd of hip-hop fans rather than a small subculture of rap music. The catchy hook, “Can I roll with ya?, can we smoke weed while I bet my soul with ya, I love ya vibe baby I aint tryna hold ya,” has a charismatic enticement where many people can repeat the hook during everyday activities in their head, or even on social media since of course, today’s generation love quoting music on their platforms!

Listen to "Roll Wit Ya" here and be sure to check out our interview with Quon x3 below!

Hi Quon! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Daquon "Quon" Price.

Mind telling our readers a little bit about your upbringing? Did you grow up in a musically inclined household?

I was raised in Capitol Heights, MD by my single mother of 3. My household wasn't very musically inclined but, my mother enjoyed music very much.

What is your take on the current trend of hip-hop and rap?

My perspective on the rap game today honestly, it needs a change. Lyricists and real artist are being over shadowed by basic repetition and rhyming from "mumble rappers".

Do you have any music influences if so who and why?

My music influences stem from different artist, Ludacris for his flow and word play, Lil Wayne for his metaphors, Notorious B.I.G. for the way he could paint pictures with his lyrics.

If you can collaborate with any female MC who would you pick and why?

As far as female MC's go, I'd definitely want to collaborate with Cardi B, I love her swag and confidence when she's on a track.

Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of "Roll Wit Ya"?

The process in writing "Roll wit ya" was a simple one. I was listening to the beat and just started writing. It's so smooth it took me back to a time where I was single trying to find the right one for me.

What’s next for you?

I honestly don't know what's next, I just figure I'll keep pushing my music until I can start my own thing or get signed. But I've loved rapping since I was 8 and right now I'm just having fun.


Connect with Quon x3 on social media:


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