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Dobbsthagr8t Pushes for Growth of Others

Straight from the valley in California, Dobbsthagr8t is a hip-hop artist who melds in elements of R&B and old-school rap to his style. With releases like 8 1 8 8 1 8”, Dobbsthagr8t creates a medium for fans to appreciate the music on a deeper, much more personal level. Being based out of the west coast, Dobbsthagr8t puts his own personal story within his music that infuses it with various experiences and cultures that Dobbsthagr8t experienced while hustling out of the mud to make a name for himself. The messages that Dobbsthagr8t speaks of in his music push for self-growth of others, that their own choices define who they are and what they will do. Especially in his release, “8 1 8 8 1 8”, Dobbsthagr8t points to people to feel the perspective that they won’t be around forever so they should be the best person they can. The personal story being told about his cousin passing just before getting out of prison was something that Dobbsthagr8t accepted was due to his actions and not the way he was raised was a clear sign of self-growth and "8 1 8 8 1 8" is a testament to people that they should always strive to be the best version of themselves. Dobbsthagr8tis preparing to deliver more music in 2020 and our souls cannot be more excited.

Listen to “8 1 8 8 1 8” by Dobbsthagr8t here.



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