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Doc Walker Inspires Us With a Conceptual Tune, "She Wants What She Wants"

The Canadian country duo Doc Walker brings us to our knees with their conceptual and heavily relatable single entitled "She Wants What She Wants."

One of Canada's most recognized country acts, Doc Walker has landed twenty-one top 10 singles and eight #1 videos on CMT. They've also won fourteen Canadian Country Music Awards and have been nominated for seven JUNO Awards for Country Album of the Year, including a win for their album 'Beautiful Life' in 2009.

Now releasing their spirited and lush single, "She Wants What She Wants," Doc Walker offers a brilliant and smooth performance alongside their chilling instrumental landscape. The song is said to be about a woman leaving her man behind to find what she wants after feeling tired of being treated like an afterthought.

Delving into the single, "She Wants What She Wants," the song softly opens with a smooth string-like synth alongside sizzling mid-tempo drum breaks. As the lead vocalist begins to drench us in his relaxed and warm vocals, he continues to expand on a woman leaving everything behind and taking one last look at the broken home that never appreciated her.

As they blast into the bold and anthemic hook, Doc Walker soothes the soul with their energetic performance and catchy melodies that beam like a bright ray of sun. We adore the in-depth story of this single, as we feel that many listeners will be able to take something away for themselves. As their piercing instrumentals continue to sonically serenade us, Doc Walker leads us to the outro without a dull moment.

Stand your ground with help from Doc Walker's latest single, "She Wants What She Wants," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Doc Walker. What a hopeful and optimistic tune you've released with "She Wants What She Wants." What inspired your duo to write a song about an underappreciated woman finding what she wants in life?

I don’t think we ever wake up and really know what we are going to write about. We draw from personal experiences, and other times we make stuff up, but even when we make it up, it is still peppered with enough known truths that we have no troubles with conviction in our delivery. We have both been in toxic relationships (not many people haven’t) and we’ve felt the liberation that comes with getting out of them. We can also relate to the villain’s selfishness, as we’ve chosen our guitars over more than a few girlfriends on our way to becoming the balanced family men we are now. That sounds like we’re boring. I don’t think we’re boring. Lol

Could you introduce us to your group members and how you tackled the instrumental creative process for "She Wants What She Wants?”

Chris sent me a rough-sounding demo he had worked up of “She Want What She Wants”. Very different from what it is now. It sounded like a soundtrack from an 80’s movie that didn’t have a drop of budget left for the music. I loved his chorus, but his verses were something to be desired. I think they were “place-holder” lyrics that he meant to revisit, or he thought he’d let me do it. Which I did, and now I think that was probably his plan all along (sneaky bugger). I re-wrote the verses, re-arranged it, and added the solo/choir section (middle 8). Sometimes I do the heavy lifting, and other times he makes me snacks. I had a very specific feel in mind, so I hired musicians that I knew could pull off an almost ‘clinical’ feel. We talked through the song a few times with the players and played it a dozen times. I chose to take #11 and sprinkled in-fills and riffs from other takes when needed.

What do you hope your audience learns or takes away from your relatable lyrical content within "She Wants What She Wants?”

Everyone is going to have their own take on a song. I don’t like it when a song is tied to a very literal video. The ‘room for interpretation’ is what makes it your song. It is a simple story, not a road map, but as a songwriter, I can only hope that it connects to the listener the way it connects with us.

How do songs like "She Wants What She Wants" help new listeners get to know what your duo is all about? How do songs like this represent your brand and style of music?

We have always written songs with “meat on the bones”. Sure, we’ve had our odd ‘bubble-gum track here and there, but they are few, embarrassing, and really fun! But we do love the ones that are a bit grittier and don’t sugar-coat much. We grew up on, and lean towards the kind of country music that was steeped in honesty, which can be brutal at times. Less gimmick, more substance.

What's next for Doc Walker?

Being able to get together over the summer for some re-opening shows has been magical. A human connection with my co-writer that seems to get lost in translation when using Zoom or FaceTime. It has been inspiring. And when we’re inspired, we make music. Then we tour, then we repeat!

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