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Doll Riot Reminisces About “Those Days”

Photo by: Jack Lue

Meet Doll Riot – A punk-rock sensation from Northern San Diego taking the world by storm. With 50 shows under their belt, 4 upcoming gigs, and an appearance at the renowned Punk Rock Bowling Festival in the heart of Las Vegas, they’re quickly establishing themselves as the future of the punk-rock genre. The quartet’s latest release, “Those Days,” is nothing short of an electrifying performance that would only become more exhilarating when experienced live.

The song takes off with an energetic guitar riff played by Ella and a rich bassline played by London. Once Lillee enters on drums, the track explodes into a dynamic and lively melody, instantly transporting the listener back to the nostalgic underground scene of the 90s. Elaine's captivating vocals cascade through the music, creating an entrancing angst-ridden atmosphere that will undoubtedly make you dance.

The lyrics paint the portrait of a restless mind on overdrive, grappling with the struggle of getting out of bed, insomnia or an overcrowded mind. These emotions are universally experienced and will resonate deeply with listeners. As the song crescendos, building up to its climax, Elaine echoes the words “Let me free”, evoking a sense of feeling trapped within one’s body.

The track drives forward with an invigorating shift in the drums’ beat and the guitar melody, creating a fresh twist to an already enthralling main melody. The group embraces various dynamics that perfectly align with the theme of ever-changing emotions, continuously adding complexity to the composition.

“Those Days” is a listening experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Doll Riot, and congratulations on your latest release, "Those Days." Could you share how Doll Riot came and what inspired the name?

Me (Elena) and Ella started playing together through a mutual guitar teacher, and we found London off of Craig's List ad that we put out, and when our original drummer moved to college, we met Lillee through playing shows and asked her to join. Our original bassist came up with the name, and we all thought it fit our vibe. Out of the remarkable 50 shows you’ve already performed, with a few more on the way, is there one performance that stands out as your favorite so far?

Ella came up with a riff that she brought to practice, London wrote her bass part off of that, and Lillee wrote her drum part. I (Elena) started singing random melodies and scatting, and the words fell into place. We love our local scene in San Diego, so playing shows locally is always so much fun. We have a great local band community. We also loved playing Shabang Festival in San Luis Obispo at the beginning of May. We got to meet many great bands from up North. Describe your sound in 3 words.

Antagonistic, Impassioned, and Socio-political What can fans expect from your music in the future? Are there any upcoming projects in the works?

We have been doing a lot of writing lately, so expect new music in the near future.

Photo by: Jack Lue


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