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Dolly Ave Offers an Encouraging Message in, “Try (Feat. Chai)”

Fresh off her well-received 2020 collaboration with Charlie Curtis-Beard, "Sunlight, Quiet, Flowers," the Los-Angeles-based pop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Dolly Ave returns with a dreamy ode to empowerment entitled "Try (feat. Chai)."

Recently releasing her debut full-length album, 'Sleep,' Dolly Ave is excited to introduce her genre-weaving sound to new audiences, as she continues to blur the lines of pop, r&b, soul, and electronic. When asked about her album, 'Sleep,' Ave stated, "'Sleep' is not a heartbreak album... It's definitely me finding empowerment in the vulnerability of each stage."

Introducing us to her debut album through its lead single, "Try (feat. Chai)," Dolly Ave and Chai carry us into our sleepy states through their ethereal performance and transcendent r&b production. As Dolly Ave serenades us with a vulnerable and empowering message of self-love, she reminds us that it's never too late to "Try."

"Try (feat. Chai)" opens with Dolly Ave's soft and feathery vocal stylings alongside a profound array of drum breaks and vibrating sub-bass. Within seconds, Dolly Ave and the supporting production lift us into a dream-like state alongside the low-pitched ghost vocals, adding nothing but pain and heartbreak to the dense atmosphere.

Towards the outro, Dolly Ave begins to transcend above her troubled space while encouraging herself to move forward and not be bothered by exterior influences. Her warm vocals and haunting harmonies float us towards the song's end while the same aching low-pitched vocal continues to mimic Ave's depths of despair.

Allow Dolly Ave's emotional single, "Try (feat. Chai)," to lift you into better places, alongside her recently released debut album, 'Sleep,' now available on all streaming platforms.

Hello Dolly and welcome to BuzzMusic. We truly admire the soft feel and comforting tones within your recent single, "Try (feat. Chai)." How does this single tie into the overall theme and concept of your debut album, 'Sleep'?

Thank you so much! My album tells my story from darkness to light. Because “Try” starts near the beginning of the album, although soft and gentle, I am actually discussing the pain of being in my own skin. The music is quite a contrast from the lyrics but sets the stage for how devastated I felt at the time.

What inspired you to write such a soothing and encouraging single like "Try (feat. Chai)"

I am glad something positive came out of this song. During this time I truly needed to create to get me out of my own sadness and depression. Most people interpret the song as being written about a lover, but I was fighting another day to get myself back. I know self-love is a journey so I’m telling myself and the listener we’ll be fine. It’s one day at a time.

What was your creative/collaborative process like working alongside Chai for "Try (feat. Chai)?" Was this your first time working together?

I was working separately with our producer, Always Dime who I met at a pop-up event. While writing this song I felt having a female voice would complement especially since the song is me talking to myself essentially. She lives in Korea so it was quite a process in terms of back and forth emailing her vocal takes. Amazing enough she was in Chicago for a small window of time so I flew out there to get us an hour or two sessions at Classick Studios. This was our first time working together and meeting actually. I wouldn’t have changed the process. I like that this album is a lot of one takes and unfiltered thinking.

What sort of lyrical or sonic experience did you want to deliver to your audience through your debut album, 'Sleep?' How does it help introduce us to who you are?

I was so immersed in the joy of making this that putting the audience into consideration did not come until the end. I had no idea these songs would go together because I wasn’t planning a theme around an album. To some degree that would have taken the authenticity out of what I wanted to say and how I wanted things to sound. Looking at it now I just wanted people to experience the growth from self-destruction to self-empowerment. These topics are relatable and when they hear the music they can feel less alone because someone else was struggling too.

What's next for you?

These songs were written around 2018 - 2019 and were a time capsule of my journey as a musician. At the time I had way fewer resources and still learning about my voice and what I like. Now I am at a place where I’m more comfortable and my ears have gotten better so I’m working on new music and hopefully another album. Next is always growth. I am excited for you to come along to this next part of my story.

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