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Dolo Slendo Artistically Delivers His Take On, “GirlsWannaHaveFun”

Slendo, a rapper, and producer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, started his creative journey in 2018 and has taken music seriously. Slendo has adapted to making music as different as possible with his unique name. Although Slendo has had many inspirations over time, he constantly strives to be better and do better than the previous records he's created.

Years of experience have brought us to his latest single, "GirlsWannaHaveFun," one that will take you on a synth drive, with the volume on 100 and a car filled with vibes. Slendo placed everything about this track exactly where it needed to be, from the instrumental to the lyrics and the rap cadences. We hear Slendo forming a future rage genre that is very popular these days, especially when you want to have an epic dance party that you will never forget.

As we enter the world of "GirlsWannaHaveFun" we hear a cloud rap instrumental with uptempo rage elements and fiery cadences that we can't help but sing along to. Slendo talks about girls he's met throughout his career and mentions certain situations he's experienced with them. He says things like, "And it's up, I'm just getting started," which tells us he knows what he brings to the table but is still willing to put the work in, especially when it comes to producing and creating hard rhymes.

While he continues to talk about things that matter to him, such as the music industry, despite the minimal support he received from others, Slendo has kept moving in the right direction. He sometimes feels that others do not have others' best interests at heart, so he keeps that in mind when meeting new people.

Slendo truly grasps what different and unique really is. Most of all, he knows how to keep persevering in a very competitive industry. We look forward to you hearing all about him and his talents that are so expertly portrayed in "GirlsWannaHaveFun."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Slendo. We love your new single, "GirlsWannaHaveFun." What inspired the instrumental, and how long did it take for you to create this masterpiece?

I really just wanted to make a record that would go crazy at a party, something that would make people want to get moving and have some fun. Kyleton sent that beat in a pack, and it was perfect. I actually had Covid at the time, so I think that had something to do with it, too lol I was literally stuck in the house.

As you grow in your craft, what are some of the things you did differently in "GirlsWannaHaveFun" that you haven't done in your previous releases?

I am just trying a different kind of sound really and experimenting with different ways to promote the song. I threw a party actually and used the footage to make a video, which was a smart move because I feel like people are more likely to share something they're a part of.

Growing up, when did you realize music was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? What was your biggest influence?

Oh man, I knew I wanted to make music at a really young age, probably like 7 or 8. The College Dropout was my main influence; starting out like that album made me realize I wanted to make music.

As an experienced artist with unique records, what words of encouragement will you give to people who look up to you and want to make a mark in the industry with a very different sound than yours?

My words of encouragement would be to stay true to you and don't be scared to evolve your sound! Make connections (online and in your city) and just stay focused. This really is a marathon, not a race.

What's next for you?

More music, more vibes, more visuals, more content, just gonna keep flooding the fanbase. I plan on dropping a project for the summer, so be on the lookout for that! Just gonna keep working and developing and getting better.


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