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Dolo Slendo Rap's the Manual on "Toxic," People

Emerging Hip/Hop and Rap artist Dolo Slendo have hit the music industry with force and he isn't planning on slowing down his success any time soon. Beginning his artistic career in 2018, Dolo Slendo has meticulously honed into his natural talent for crafting music. As a producer, Dolo Slendo is able to really construct his own personalized sound, and his latest music offering proved that he knows what he's doing when it comes to creating a quality ambiance.

Dolo Slendo has released "Toxic," which has an upbeat and energetically-filled atmosphere right from the jump. With an addicting melody paired with the slightly autotuned vocals of Dolo Slendo, "Toxic" becomes an extremely fun bop that's all-too-easy to get along to. Lyrically, "Toxic" hones into a specific romantic interest and delves further into the hardships involved surrounding the desire for one's partner to change, especially knowing the change may never come.

Dolo Slendo packs in relatable lines and delivers them with his characterizable, flavourful persona. His easygoing approach and natural flow help refine "Toxic" and give it the powerful ambiance it holds.

"Toxic" is now available on streaming platforms; tune in to hear the latest sound from Dolo Slendo.

Listen to "Toxic" here.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Dolo Slendo. How excited are you that "Toxic" has now dropped? What was the songwriting and recording process like for you? I'm very excited! It's a really dope song. The process for me was very easy because everything was so raw and real. Just speaking about a topic I've been through many times, so it was very easy for me. The song was originally gonna be on "All Roads To Hollywood" but I ended up having to scrap it. So, originally this song was "Side Feelings Pt. 2", but after not making the album I had to wait for the right moment to release it. Would you say that your initial vision for "Toxic" was accurately carried throughout start to finish? I definitely would. I wanted to just get my feelings off my chest, and my boy BamBam delivered the perfect beat to do so. I really was just trying to make a song people could relate to, a song for people in a "Toxic" relationship that may feel like they're stuck, this song is for them.

As an artist who revels in combining many varying genres and styles in order to create that exclusive Dolo Slendo sound, how would you describe the way this eccentric personality of yours was incorporated into "Toxic?" As I said earlier, it really came naturally since everything on the track is so raw and real, and true to me. So I didn't even have to try really to get that "Slendo" sound you know? It's almost as if the words were just flowing through me, and that's when the best music is made. What kind of message did you want to speak out with the release of "Toxic?" I just wanna speak up for anybody that's been in a toxic relationship/situation. Man or woman, men can get hurt too, and I feel like this song is definitely me tapping into a softer side and wearing my feelings on my sleeve. This is a song that I think will live forever for years to come because it's a situation that SOMEONE will always be going through.


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