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Dolore Releases New Hit "Still Hungry"

Dolore is a prominent hip-hop artist from Florida who is determined to make a statement for himself. Dolore’s determination and grind set him apart from other hip-hop artists, coming out with his second solo project in less than a year! His lyricism style is raw, self-evaluating, and authentic. He has a feel good rhythm that gives off strong party vibes. My favourite hit on his newest project is called “Still Hungry” which provides a pleasing blend of his catchy rhythm and exceptionally crafted lyrics. “Still Hungry” is intense and hype, giving the listener a powerful adrenaline rush that will leave you feeling unstoppable.

The most ardent verse that Dolore comes out with in “Still Hungry” is “Real recognize real 'can' feel what's inside/ 'hard' to swallow the truth/ 'even harder' with pride". What is so impactful about this verse is the meaning behind the lyrics. It's deep, real, and it gives something for the listener to reflect on. Dolore is highly dope as an artist and an individual, which is the key to great music. I highly recommend that you check out his other hits, and keep your eyes open for future releases!

Listen to "Still Hungry" here and get to know more about Dolore below!

Hey Dolore! Can you tell us more about yourself and your upbringing? 

From Orlando, Florida. Grew up in a strict Italian home but in a rough neighborhood. Got into drugs at a young age and eventually hit rock bottom. One night I was arrested falsely (the cops planted the drug on me) for the one drug I had a problem with. Took it as a sign from God, turned my life around (been sober 6 years now) and decided to give my music a positive, motivational spin to it. 

How were you able to come out with 2 projects in one year?

Lots of inspiration and long nights in the studio and to be honest lots of dope features lol. 

What is the message that you want to get across with your track “Still Hungry”?

That even tho I've been doin my thing musically for so long and the games changed so much I'm still hungry to make it and even tho I've been through a lot im still hungry to do Gods work.

What inspired you to write “Still Hungry”?

I ran into an old friend who I haven't seen in a long time and he says "damn fam you still rap??" "How?" Lol Because we used to rap together and he no longer does. So all i could say was "I'm still hungry"

Who are your biggest influences on your musical career? 

Nas, OutKast, Dead Prez and Lecrae. 


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