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Domi Dow Jones Sparks a Moment of Reflection with New Release "Code"

Virginia artist Domi Dow Jones is out here creating his truest Hip/Hop sound. Domi Dow Jones has always been about dedication. Having music as a passion, Domi Dow Jones would always put in the drive to achieve what he wanted to achieve within the music scene. Domi Dow Jones isn't the type of artist to let obstacles come in the way of his and his dream, and his music really shows that element clearly. With community outreach being an important component of Domi Dow Jones' life, he prefers to use his music as a platform for communication, mostly communication regarding his innate experience and life. Listeners are always being exposed to the latest perspective of Domi Dow Jones, and this remains especially true in his latest release, "Code". 

Domi Dow Jones came out with his latest track, "Code", which featured a heavy old-school rap production. Domi Dow Jones knew how to create that retro-type feel with "Code", focusing on those prominent Hip/Hop beats, combined with an authentically cultured feel. "Code" defines the narrative of Domi Dow Jones, and the various perspectives he takes on as an artist. The song ventures along with the various desires, aspirations, and genuine thoughts of Domi Dow Jones. He manifests this certain kind of comfort through the rhythm of "Code", and establishes a level of calmness with the way he executes the verses of the track. "Code" was definitely a more laidback beat featured along with the verses of Domi Dow Jones, which gave that moment for the actual story of the track to shine. We suggest any Hip/Hop listeners take the time to soak in the wordplay of Domi Dow Jones in his clever single offering: "Code". 

Listen to "Code" by Domi Dow Jones here

Hey Domi Dow Jones! It's great we get the chance to talk about your recent single release "Code". As an artist who is deeply rooted in their home life, would you say that the intrinsic message of "Code" and its various elements reflects any properties of the very community you live in today? 

"Code" is a direct reflection of where I stand as far as my home life goes today. The "Code" is simple, "get money get doe rock ice, make cheese raise seeds live life, make peace but only if it's right, look at death as just a part of life". These are the basic fundamentals for survival not just in my community but in all parts of the world. We all have our personal moral beliefs that ultimately influence every decision we make. These are my personal beliefs.

Was there any message in "Code" that you hoped was communicated thoroughly to your listening base, or are you comfortable in knowing your music may have open interpretation amongst listeners?

I feel like the message is clear and goes over well sonically. So some people may identify with the message, some may appreciate the soulful sample, while others do not gravitate to it at all. As a result of "Code" being so personal to me, I have to accept that it's not for everyone but I can be proud of my work knowing that I stayed true to myself and it sounds dope.

Considering the various hardships you've encountered thus far regarding your music, as well as the build of your artistic career, how do you feel your experience has ultimately propelled you and your overall sound? 

As a songwriter, you are simply expressing your world through art then giving it right back to the world. So the more I experience the more I have to express and give back. I've grown a lot since I started recording music as a teenager so my music had no choice but to mature with me. The question you have to constantly ask yourself is will I let this setback destroy me or motivate me. I've chosen to let everything motivate for as long as I can remember. 

Where do you feel your sound will grow and disperse from here?! Are there any big plans you've put in place for your artistic career in the near future?

Every project that I do has its own unique overall sound. After this project "Growing Pains" which features "Code", I plan to experiment with different genres and only release singles for a while. Aside from that, I plan to start a DMV Entertainment Podcast and allow anyone involved in the industry to tell their success stories. I feel that it would be appreciated and solidify me as more than just an artist.



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