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Domi Hawken Elevates You With “I Will Let You Down”

Currently based in London, Domi Hawken is a singer and songwriter who discovered her love for music that led to the move to the Paris at the age of 21 years old so she can pursue her love for the language and lyrics. She initially started her career writing for other artists but in the journey of finding her own unique sound, she moved to Liverpool where she launched herself as an artist. Domi’s music has been shaped by living and learning in these great cities, combining driving rhythms and a powerful voice to create a truly unique sound.

Domi Hawken Released the single “I Will Let You Down” and just the production alone moves you by instance. The atmospheric production lifts you up and carries you lightly while you’re touched by the powerfully dynamic vocalist Domi. Domi Hawken reminds me of a classic artist from the golden era of music. You know those timeless singers who paves their own path to a legacy of respect and memory? That’s exactly what Domi Hawken can possibly do for herself and she showcases that in “I Will Let You Down”. The melody in this song was not only addictive but it enhanced the atmosphere of the entire track. Domi Hawken is a breath of fresh air. Her refreshing sound and mesmerizing tone is more than enough to grasp a listener into the focus of what she’s singing. This romantic song could essentially reel a listener into a whirl of emotions you may have pushed back. “I Will Let You Down” is a magnetic song like no other and Domi Hawken is an undeniably talented artist.

Check out "I Will Let You Down" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome To BuzzMusic Domi Hawken! Can you tell our readers about yourself and your music?

Well, I’m a singer songwriter based in and around London. When it comes to my music I never know what to say in terms of genre - I always feel weird assigning one to my music because I think I’m still working out what I’m trying to do! It’s pop, a bit indie… I love a big belty chorus and in my opinion the drums can never be too loud. 

Who are some of your influences that keeps you going Domi Hawken?

When I started writing I was super focused on lyrics. To me the Holy Trinity of songwriters is Dylan, Cohen and Waits. I’ll always care about the lyrics, but now I’m more interested in the song as a whole. I love the drums in Kanye West’s music, the production as a whole is just phenomenal. I think what Billie Eilish is doing right now is really interesting: kind of minimal but has such a vibe…I haven’t really mastered the ‘minimal’ thing. I love it but I always end up wanting to add more. 

Let’s talk about this mesmerizing single “I Will Let You Down”. What was the message behind the music?

A lot of people think its a break up song, which is great. I love that people relate to it but that wasn’t what was going through my head when I was writing it. I think the message of the song depends on who is listening to it.  

What motivated you to write this single? In what ways were you able to personally relate?

For me the song was about all sorts of relationships. I wrote it at a time when I felt that my decisions were disappointing a lot of people; parents, friends, everyone. I think I wrote it as almost a warning, a kind of “this is me so either get used to being disappointed or leave”. I find it funny now that the narcissist in me decided to write a song about it instead of actually dealing with those issues…everything’s all good now though! 

What’s next for you Domi Hawken?

I’m going to be releasing some more songs from my EP over the next few months, and I’m going to be doing some gigs over the summer which I’m really excited about! I just played the whole EP for the first time a couple of weeks ago at The Troubadour and it was so much fun so I can’t wait to get out there and perform and see everyone’s reaction to this thing I’ve been working away at for months. 


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