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Dominick James Drops An Ear-Worm With,"You Ruined My Favorite Movie"

With a niche for producing infectious hooks and ear-worm melodies, pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Dominick James releases a catchy and relatable single entitled "You Ruined My Favorite Movie."

Getting into music at an early age by way of songwriting and piano playing has catapulted Dominick James into his constantly evolving music career. Influenced by the sounds of Jon Bellion, LANY, and Lauv, Dominick James strives to leave you humming his melodies throughout a day's entirety.

Recently releasing his emotional and relatable single, "You Ruined My Favorite Movie," listeners can get a solid idea of the theme and concept that Dominick James delivers merely through the song's title. As Dominick James drenches us in emotional tones and melodies, he also offers this driving sense of relief that leaves any listener feeling refreshed.

"You Ruined My Favorite Movie" begins with Dominick James exclaiming the song's title while accompanied by nothing but a synth-like vocal harmony that opens the song on a bright yet highly reflective note. As he drops into the first verse with a punchy kick drum and haunting organ-like synth, Dominick James begins to reminisce on the many heartfelt and passionate moments he shared with someone in the past.

As Dominick James continues to drench us in his emotionally charged lyricism, the background sonics slowly begin to develop with a slow pulsating synth that lifts us above this stratosphere and into the celestials. While Dominick James heads towards the outro, he closes the song on an incredibly heartfelt and genuine note of introspection.

Feel your heart skip a beat with help from Dominick James' latest relatable single, "You Ruined My Favorite Movie," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We truly admire the heart and emotion you've delivered within your recent single, "You Ruined My Favorite Movie." Was there a specific moment that inspired or compelled you to create this relatable piece?

Thank you! I wouldn’t say it was one specific moment but more like a group of moments in previous relationships. I feel like everybody has been there, where they can’t watch the same movie or listen to the same songs they used to love without bringing back that feeling of heartbreak.

Could you break down your creative process when formulating the sonic arrangements within "You Ruined My Favorite Movie?" How did you achieve such an emotionally rich sonic atmosphere?

Sure! Honestly, this song came to me very fast, I wasn’t even intentionally trying to write it. I was just playing some chords on my synth in G Major, and I loved the way the progression sounded. I had the line “you ruined my favorite movie and you ruined my favorite song” already written down, so I sang it to the chords and that jumpstarted the whole song. Then I basically just added some other layered synths, added some hard-hitting drums and an 808 and here we are! Oh, and I added the vocoder in the beginning as well! I wanted the song to be mellow, but still, make your head bop!

If there was one thing that listeners could take away from your retable lyricism within "You Ruined My Favorite Movie," what would you want that to be?

I would say, that it’s okay to reminisce about the past and feel those emotions again if you need to. Heartbreaks made you who you are today, and that person is special.

How do songs like "You Ruined My Favorite Movie" represent you as an artist? How do tracks like this help listeners get to know you and your brand better?

I feel like this is the most “me” song I’ve ever written if that makes sense. It’s true to who I am, I’m a very emotional person and I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m not afraid to own that.

What's next for you?

More new music in 2021! Maybe even…an album! Stay tuned to find out!


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